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This immersive film accurately reconstructs a lost space at the museum, formerly the home and workplace of Sir John Soane - the bedchamber of his wife Eliza, who died suddenly and tragically in 1815.

John Soane never got over her death, preserving her bedchamber for 19 years, and later creating private allusions to Eliza throughout the museum. A haunting soundtrack uses Soane’s own memoir of his grief at Eliza’s death to create a meditation on love and loss.

Through a combination of photogrammetry, CGI animation, sound, voice and song, the film is an imagined recreation of Eliza’s bedchamber, and a reclamation of Eliza’s presence.

Alongside the exhibition, a series of events will discuss related themes of memory, memorialisation and bereavement, exploring how we cope with dying and remember our dead.

Dear Friend... is produced by Anne-Marie Creamer and Gary Thomas at Animate Projects.

The production and related events are supported using public funding from the National Lottery by Arts Council England, with additional support from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

Exhibition Info

09 Mar 2022 to 05 Jun 2022