British Sign Language users are invited to discover Sir John Soane’s Museum with specially designed after-hours tours. Led by a Deaf guide, these provide an introduction to Soane's life, work and highlights from his extraordinary collection as well as temporary exhibitions.

Join Deaf guide John Wilson for a tour of our current exhibition Fanciful Figures, which investigates ‘staffage’, the small human and animal figures in architectural drawings which first appeared in the late seventeenth century in Britain.

Often holding an object, or accompanied by an animal, staffage figures provide a playful, sometimes whimsical window into contemporary life. They lend a sense of scale, depth, animation and embellishment to the composition. They are typically strategically arranged, perhaps to indicate the central feature of a composition, or to offer a pleasing note of contrasting colour. The exhibition explores their historical significance through works produced by Soane’s office, items from his collection of architectural drawings and key loans.

Lasting around an hour and limited to 10 people, these tours led by Deaf guides are exclusively for D/deaf and hard of hearing visitors.

Please email Markand Patel to book your place.

Please let us know if you have any additional access needs that may require support. You will receive an email confirmation with further information.

Image: Joseph Michael Gandy & Antonio Van Assen, Interior of Consols Transfer Office, Bank of England, 1799 (detail). SM 11/4/3