The Soane Medal continues the mission of Sir John Soane to encourage a better understanding of the central importance of architecture in people’s lives.

Established in 2017, the Soane Medal recognises architects, educators and critics who have made a major contribution to their field through practice, history or theory, and in doing so have furthered and enriched the public understanding of architecture.

The winner of the Soane Medal is selected annually by a panel of distinguished architects, critics and curators, led by former Trustee of Sir John Soane’s Museum, Sir David Chipperfield. The recipient of the Medal writes and delivers a lecture, subsequently published by the Museum, at a special annual event in London. The recipient also receives a replica of the original gold medal presented to Sir John Soane by the ‘Architects of England’ in 1835.

The recipient of the inaugural Soane Medal in 2017 was the Spanish architect, Rafael Moneo. American architect, planner and theorist, Denise Scott Brown was awarded the second Soane Medal in 2018.

Soane Medal Lecture 2019: Kenneth Frampton

The 2019 Soane Medal will be awarded to Kenneth Frampton, the renowned British architect, critic, historian and Professor of Architecture at Columbia University, New York. Frampton occupies a unique position in architectural culture - his work as architect, writer, critic, educator and academic, notably his seminal texts Towards a Critical Regionalism (1983), Studies in Tectonic Culture (1995) and the many editions of Modern Architecture: A Critical History, has shaped and informed the outlook of countless students and architects over the past 50 years.

Kenneth Frampton will deliver the Soane Medal Lecture at a special event on Monday 11 November held at LSE’s New Academic Building in Holborn.

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Soane Medal Lecture 2018: Denise Scott Brown

The 2018 Soane Medal was awarded to architect and educator Denise Scott Brown, whose ideas and work as architect, planner, urbanist, theorist, writer and educator have had a global influence, transforming thinking about architecture and cities. As an academic and educator, Scott Brown has led countless research projects, notably Learning from Las Vegas, which became a seminal book (1972; revised edition 1977, with Robert Venturi and Steven Izenour). Both the ideas and the techniques employed in this and other studies have proved highly influential on the subsequent direction of architectural research.

Watch the Soane Medal Lecture 2018, pre-recorded by Denise Scott Brown at her home in Philadelphia, below. The publication is available to purchase at our online shop. Shop now >

Soane Medal Lecture 2018: Denise Scott Brown

Soane Medal Lecture 2017: Rafael Moneo

The inaugural 2017 Soane Medal was awarded to architect Rafael Moneo. Moneo’s career has embodied the idea of architecture as something that resides not just in the structure and the materials of a building, but in time and place, word and image, people and community. His most famous works include the National Museum of Art in Merida, the extension to the Prado Museum in Madrid, and the City Hall in Murcia.

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