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We currently offer five different sessions for Key Stage 2 groups. We can also organise bespoke sessions depending on your requirements. For more information or to book a session, email or call 020 7440 4253.

Rocks and soils

Discover the 'rock factory' that is planet Earth. See how architects transform rocks and soils into beautiful, enduring buildings. Hold fossils that are hundreds of millions of years old, and learn about the characteristics of common materials. Curriculum links with Science and History


Step into Sir John Soane’s Sepulchral Chamber and come face to face with the Sarcophagus of Pharoah Seti I to hear about how Giovanni Belzoni discovered his tomb. Learn about how the Egyptians prepared and buried their dead, then race against time to translate the mysterious hieroglyphic texts. Curriculum links with Literacy and History.

Romans and Domes

Take a tour of Ancient Rome within the Museum. Discover what the lives of everyday Romans were like from birth to death. See Rome’s most famous buildings and beautiful villas – and investigate their fascination with domes. Play with the museum’s fantastic learning resources to trace the history of their construction. Curriculum links with Science and History.

Shapes and Patterns

Can buildings speak? Find out on this tour as you develop your visual literacy. Learn about the shapes and patterns used in buildings for thousands of years, and what they tell us about materials and forces. Curriculum links with Numeracy, Science and History.

Light, Shadows and Reflections

Sir John Soane used tricks of light to create drama, emotion, beauty, mystery – and impress his guests. How many can you spot? Can you see how they work? This tour will reveal Soane’s 'Light Magic' principles: how to make buildings exciting with light, shadows, and reflections. Curriculum links with Science and History.

Ancient Greeks

Meet the gods who decided the fate and fortunes of the Ancient Greeks. Examine a huge vase to find the mythical origins of the Olympic Games. And discover the ancient building shapes and patterns that are still considered some of the most beautiful today. Curriculum links with Science, Numeracy and History.