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Today would normally be our Second Saturday September family drop-in at the Soane. While we're closed, we've decided to bring the workshop to you with a step-by-step guide to making your own Cawdor Vase, created by artist Gwen Ramsay.
We'd love to see pictures of your creations - you can email us on or tweet #Soanefamilies with anything you'd like to share. If this isn't enough to sate your appetite for creativity, you can also view our other Step by Steps!

Materials: 1 bar of soap (Imperial Leather works well as it is soft), Spoon, Acrylic paint, Paint brush, Sharp pencil.

Step One
Choose an object you want to sculpt from the Museum. I chose the Cawdor Vase, but you can choose any that you like! Have a look here:

Step Two
Draw the outline of the object onto the bar of soap using a pencil.

Step Three
With a spoon, start to remove the soap all around the outline of your object.  

Step Four
Carefully remove the soap. Use both ends of the spoon. Be creative and use any other tools you might have that will help you carve the soap. Wash the bar to remove any bits.

Step Five
Paint acrylic paint all over your sculpture. Let the paint dry.

Step Six
Look at the detail in your chosen object. With a sharp pencil draw the details onto the soap. As you draw you will take off the paint to reveal the soap under the paint. This is a ceramic drawing technique called an ‘incised line’. Enjoy your sculpture!