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Create a Mail Museum to send to a friend with our second online Second Saturday step-by-step, created by artist Gwen Ramsay.

We usually run a workshop for families and budding young architects on the second Saturday of every month. Sadly, the Museum is currently closed due to the Coronavirus lockdown - so we've created a step-by-step guide for you to make your own Soanean creations from home! 

Read the instructions below to see how to make yours, or check out last month's Post-it Museum!

You'll need: Envelopes, scissors, a pencil, felt tips and colouring pens, plastic lids

Optional extras: collage bits, googly eyes, glue, printed images

Step One
Collect plastic lids
Put a few lids into an envelope

Step Two
On the back of the envelope use any crayon, on the side, to gently take a rubbing of the raised edge of the plastic lid.
When finished take the lids out.

Step Three
With scissors, poke a hole through the centre of each frame created with the crayon.
Cut out the centre, opening windows into the envelope.

Step Four
Put a piece of paper in the empty envelope.

Step Five
You can now have fun drawing, collaging and experimenting with creating the pictures in your frames. When you are done, write an address on the other side to send your new mail museum to a friend to enjoy!

We'd love to see pictures of your creations - you can email us on or tweet #Soanefamilies with anything you'd like to share.