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Create your own cork frame-stamps in our June Second Saturday step-by-step, created by artist Gwen Ramsay.

We usually run a workshop for families and budding young architects on the second Saturday of every month. Sadly, the Museum is currently closed due to the Coronavirus lockdown - so we've created a step-by-step guide for you to make your own Soanean creations from home! 

Read the instructions below to see how to make yours, or check out our previous guides on making a Post-it Museum or a Mail Museum.

We'd love to see pictures of your creations - you can email us on or tweet #Soanefamilies with anything you'd like to share.

You'll need: Sticky-back foam or polystyrene (pizza bases are a good substitute); corks; sharp pencil; mix of water-based felt-tips & colouring pens; double-sided tape or glue (if your foam is not sticky-back); paper to stamp onto

Step One
Cut a piece of foam into a small square that will fit onto the top of a cork.
Use any foam you can find - pizza bases, some trays or packing foam will work.
Draw a little square on the foam as pictured.

Step Two
Use a sharp pencil to fill in the square.
Press down into the foam to create an indent.

Step Three
Peel the sticky backing off.
If you are using glue put glue on the back of the foam.

Step Four
Stick the foam square on the top of the cork.

Step Five
Use a felt-tip or any water-based pen to colour in the raised part of the square.
Be careful not to colour on the stamp or the indented part of the stamp.

Step Six
Flip the cork over. Use the cork as a handle to press your stamp onto a piece of paper.

Step Seven
Try different colours and stamp a whole picture gallery.
Fill your gallery with pictures - collage and draw to re-create your favourite museum masterpieces.

If you enjoyed making the frame, then why not experiment with making more stamps? You can fill your frames with portraits and landscapes by making simple face and tree stamps.

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