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This exhibition celebrates five London houses, all of which, like the Soane, have been designed by the architects who lived – and in some cases still live – in them. Through the use of drawings, photographs, models and other 3D objects, this visually stimulating exhibition will be an opportunity to showcase the Museum’s connection to modern and contemporary architectural practices, presenting the Soane as part of a larger conversation about the impact of architects’ houses.

The featured houses are designed by major figures from the history of British architecture. The homes that we'll be celebrating are:

  • The Cosmic House, by Charles and Maggie Jencks, in collaboration with Terry Farrell, Michael Graves, et al.
  • 2 Willow Road, by Erno Goldfinger
  • Red House, by Philip Webb and William Morris
  • Hopkins House, by Michael and Patty Hopkins
  • 9/10 Stock Orchard Street, by Sarah Wigglesworth

Image: the rear elevation of Hopkins House, designed by Michael and Patty Hopkins. Photo by Gareth Gardner.


Exhibition Info

07 Jun 2023 to 10 Sep 2023

10am - 5pm

Free to visit

Sir John Soane's Museum