Key Stage 2 TOP

We offer a range of tours for KS2 pupils.

Using Sir John Soane’s collection as a starting point, pupils can explore a wide variety of subject areas linked to the Science and History Curriculum. A visit to this quirky and atmospheric Museum is an experience pupils never forget.

Our KS2 tours focus on specific subjects and include a tour of the Museum and a related activity. We run them on Wednesdays at 10:15 and 12:45, and Thursdays at 10:15. The Museum can only accommodate one class at a time so if you have more than one class in a year group you will have to book a second slot. We can’t offer lunch facilities on site but we’re just opposite Lincoln’s Inn Fields, a green and open space.

To book a session, please call our Learning Manager, Emma Miles, on 020 7440 4254 – or email

Rocks and soils

Discover the 'rock factory' that is planet Earth. See how architects transform rocks and soils into beautiful, enduring buildings. Hold fossils that are hundreds of millions of years old, and learn about the characteristics of common materials. Curriculum links with Science and History

Romans and Domes

Take a tour of Ancient Rome within the Museum. Discover what the lives of everyday Romans were like from birth to death. See Rome’s most famous buildings and beautiful villas – and investigate their fascination with domes. Play with the museum’s fantastic learning resources to trace the history of their construction. Curriculum links with Science and History.

Shapes and Patterns

Can buildings speak? Find out on this tour as you develop your visual literacy. Learn about the shapes and patterns used in buildings for thousands of years, and what they tell us about materials and forces. Curriculum links with Numeracy, Science and History.

Light, Shadows and Reflections

Sir John Soane used tricks of light to create drama, emotion, beauty, mystery – and impress his guests. How many can you spot? Can you see how they work? This tour will reveal Soane’s 'Light Magic' principles: how to make buildings exciting with light, shadows, and reflections. Curriculum links with Science and History.

Ancient Greeks

Meet the gods who decided the fate and fortunes of the Ancient Greeks. Examine a huge vase to find the mythical origins of the Olympic Games. And discover the ancient building shapes and patterns that are still considered some of the most beautiful today. Curriculum links with Science, Numeracy and History. 

Key Stages 3 and 4 TOP

We offer focused, creative sessions, tailored to the needs of students and led by professional artists and tutors. In these sessions, secondary school students deepen their understanding of art, and can also use the Museum as a springboard to investigate other subject areas such as English and History.

Themed tours

Call us to arrange a tour on the theme of your choice, perhaps linked to a coursework area. Students are welcome to sketch from the collection using their own sketchbooks and pencils.

All sessions are free. To book, please email Emma Miles, our Learning Manager, at or call 0207 440 4254.

Explore Soane TOP

With Explore Soane, you can now virtually discover the Soane Museum from the classroom. Schools worldwide are encouraged to get involved by using specially created teaching resources to transport pupils to the Soane so they can learn more about history, art and design, technology and computer science.

These PowerPoint presentations are full lessons designed to be used in the classroom and include teachers’ notes to support you. They can be used in isolation, as a group, or to help you plan around the wider topics. We encourage you to edit them to fit your own teaching needs.

Download the Explore Soane Teaching Resources (via Dropbox).