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Join Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg of multidisciplinary design practice Space Popular for an introduction to their new exhibition, Space Popular: The Portal Galleries. The exhibition responds to the virtuality of Sir John Soane’s Museum by focusing on ‘the portal’: a door or threshold that grants entrance into another environment, whether physical or virtual. 

The desire to travel virtually across time, space and realms has been a recurring theme in the collective imagination – one that many have explored through fictional narratives. Sir John Soane himself opened the doors of his house-museum to transport visitors to other realms, with walls folding to reveal hidden spaces, cleverly placed mirrors tricking the eye and pictures by Soane’s office creating imaginary cities from assemblages of his work. Using virtual reality, spatial films, a cross-media historical study of fictional portals and drawings from both Space Popular and Soane’s drawing office, the exhibition investigates the concept of the portal through time and across media, illustrating how some of the most beloved fictional portals have shaped our understanding of the virtual today.

Beginning with an illustrated talk, Lara and Fredrik will guide you through the magic and mechanics of virtual travel in their exhibition that bridges the technologies of Soane’s time and ours. They will then lead an exclusive out-of-hours tour of the exhibition and the Museum spaces that inspired it. 

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The ticket price includes exclusive out-of-hours access to the Museum and Space Popular: The Portal Galleries.

Photo: Anna Huix

Event Info

05 Jul 2022

6.30pm - 8pm

Tickets: £15

Sir John Soane's Museum