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In celebration of Pride month, join us for a special Soane Late focusing on objects in Sir John Soane’s extensive and eclectic collection with an LGBTQ+ connection.

Our guides have uncovered fascinating hidden histories relating to queer lives and identities, from the rumours about Soane’s own grandson Frederick to a bust of Sappho which sits in the Library Dining Room, as well as objects purchased by Soane from the notorious William Beckford – the one-time wealthiest man in England, described by his biographer as ‘the most scandalous connoisseur of hedonism in the modern world’.

What to expect

  • The whole Museum is yours to explore as you wander corridors lined by Sir John Soane’s books, sculptures, paintings and treasures.
  • We encourage photography at these events. The Museum is at its most awe-inspiring after dark as its vast collections are bathed in shadow and illuminated in the Pride flag colours and by candlelight.
  • Admission includes a glass of wine or prosecco in the Library-Dining Room.  
  • Tickets available for arrival at either 18:00, 18:30, 19:30 or 20:00.

 Book your tickets here, via our Shop website.



Event Info

30 Jun 2023

Timed entry at 6, 6.30, 7.30 and 8pm

Tickets cost £25

Sir John Soane's Museum 

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