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★★★★ "A key moment in British architecture" - The Times
"Delightful... a masterpiece" - Burlington

The first exhibition to explore Postmodernism in British Architecture.

The exhibition will focus on the early, ‘radical moment’ of Postmodernism, which it will reveal to be one of the most inventive periods in British architectural history – a moment when the architectural past came alive with new possibilities for the future.

Focusing on a selection of pivotal works by the movement's principal protagonists – Terry Farrell, Piers Gough, Jeremy Dixon, John Outram and James Stirling/Michael Wilford – the exhibition will feature a range of stunning drawings, models and images, as well as full-scale replicas and fragments of actual buildings. Much of this material has never been exhibited publicly. Displayed the Museum’s exhibition galleries as well adjoining Soane-designed period interiors, the exhibition will forge a rich, complex and at times surprising dialogue with the Museum and Soane’s own relationship to the architectural past.

An one-hundred page catalogue to accompany the exhibition is available to buy online here

Image: John Outram, Project for 200 Queen Victoria Street for Rosehaugh-Stanhope Developers (unbuilt), 1988-90.

Event Info

16 May 2018 to 27 Aug 2018