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A live installation of a prototype cable construction robot, developed by architects Mamou-Mani, explores the future of building construction.

Building on the ‘spider cams’ of sports stadia and pick-and-place technology, the Polibot, a prototype construction robot, is installed in Sir John Soane’s Museum, offering a glimpse of the exciting future of building construction. The Polibot progressively constructs and then deconstructs Soane’s designs for the dome from the Bank of England, using architectural drawings translated into lines of code.

The installation is supported by an exhibition in the Exhibition Galleries that explores the development of the project and Soane’s own experimentation with innovative new technology.

Simultaneously looking back and looking forward, the project offers a powerful showcase of the potential of this new technology, which looks set to transform how architecture is designed and understood.

Polibot Schedule

The Polibot runs Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 17:00

Polibot Closed Days

Sat 22, Sun 23 December

Sat 29, Sun 30 December

Wednesday 7 to Sun 11 January (Closed week)

Event Info

05 Dec 2018 to 03 Feb 2019

10:00 to 17:00