Filming and Professional Photoshoots

The spaces in the Museum are very restricted and filled with valuable objects which cannot be moved.  Filming increases the risk of damage and injury and so all filming is at the discretion of the Director or Deputy Director.  To reduce the risk, filming and photo shoots most often take place on a Monday, when we are closed to the public.  In exceptional cases the Director may consider other kinds of filming.  All applications need to be made in writing.

The following is prohibited and requests will be declined:

1. Using the Museum as a backdrop.
2. Filming where the content is not relevant to the Museum or our collections.
3. ‘Action’ shots - for example, someone running down a staircase or throwing something.
4. Flash.
5. Use of tracks.  All equipment (booms etc.) needs to be discussed in advance. 
6. Hot lights.  Only cold lights may be used. 


Please send applications to:

The Director, Sir John Soane’s Museum, 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3BP
Email: (this email requires javascript) Tel: 020 7440 4279

Please include:

- Why you wish to film here.
- Which object or room you are interested in.
- A synopsis of your project (is the programme an individual or part of a series/how and who will broadcast it, when will it be transmitted, brief outline of subjects to be covered).
- Whether you require the assistance of a curator, and what questions you intend to ask them.


Daily (8 hours total use of the Museum)   £2,500 + Vat
Half-day (9am -1pm or 1pm – 5pm)         £1,250 + Vat
Extra hour                                          £250 p.h. or part thereof + VAT

A 4 hour period within the hours 9am – 5pm is also possible at no extra charge.

All fees are payable in advance.

Please note that the above fees are for filming only; if the services of one of the museum’s Curators are required either for interview or research, this will be charged at an extra £100 per hour + VAT, minimum charge £100.

The Museum normally expects an undertaking to be given that all filming is for one-time use only.  Future screening may be subject to an additional fee and must be agreed with the Museum in advance.  Copies of all films must be lodged at the Museum for Archive purposes, with contact details.

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