Audio Tours

Visitors can learn more about the Museum, and enhance their visit around the Soane, by listening to an Audio Tour.

Please note: The Museum is currently undergoing an extensive programme of restoration and refurbishment. Accordingly, not all rooms featured in the audio tours may be open to the public, or as described. The Museum apologises for any inconvenience.

Download these recordings to your MP3 player and use them as your personal guide on a fascinating visit to Sir John Soane’s Museum.  The Museum does not permit the use of iPads or iPhones as they create a lot of light which affects the ambience of the Museum.  Such items were not used in Soane's time.

There is a choice of four free Audio Tours: two general tours and two tours that focus on architecture in Sir John Soane’s Museum.

The Museum would like to express its thanks to the charitable trust that has made it possible for us to provide these free, audio guides to the public. We hope that they will enhance your visit and further your appreciation of Sir Johns Soane's Museum.

General Tours

The ‘Classic Tour’ is for adults and the ‘Junior Tour’ is for children and first-time visitors to the Museum.

This website contains some information about connecting MP3 players to hearing aids which may contain useful information if you are D/deaf or hard of hearing: Hearing Link

You can also download the text of the Classic Tour below:

Tour Transcript (pdf document)

Tour Transcript (Word document)

Architectural Tours

The ‘General Architecture Guide’ is suitable for anyone over the age of about twelve.

The ‘Professional Architecture Guide’ is designed for professional architects, architectural students and those with a keen interest in architecture.

All our audio tours are written and produced by

Simon Sharkey of Vocal Heroes Limited

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