The Soane Museum Study Group is an open forum for scholars – both established and emerging – to present new research into aspects of architectural history in an informal setting. For this second session of 2017, Dr Amy Boyington from the University of Cambridge presents her work Female Architectural Patronage.  

Refreshments will be available. All are welcome. 


Maids, Wives and Widows: Female Architectural Patronage in Eighteenth-Century Britain


This research explores the extent to which elite women of the eighteenth century commissioned architectural works and the extent to which the type and scale of their projects was dictated by their marital status. Traditionally, architectural historians have advocated that eighteenth-century architecture was purely the pursuit of men.  Women, of course, were not absent during this period, but their involvement with architecture has been obscured and overlooked.  This doctoral research has redressed this oversight through the scrutinising of known sources and the unearthing of new archival material.  Such investigation has proved that women were at the heart of the architectural patronage system and exerted more influence and agency than has previously been recognised by historians.


Amy Boyington is currently finishing up her doctoral research at the University of Cambridge, which focuses on female architectural patronage of the eighteenth century.  She has recently taken over the running of 
the Young Georgians, an offshoot of The Georgian Group – a conservation organisation for the preservation of historic buildings and planned landscapes of c.1700‐1840 in England and Wales.  Prior to her PhD, Amy worked at Holkham Hall, Goodwood House and Woburn Abbey in a curatorial capacity.

Event Info

18 Jul 2017

18:30 - 20:30