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Dinner Parties


For security reasons, guests will be requested to wait outside if arriving before 6.30pm, unless arrangements are made with Museum staff beforehand. The whole of the ground floor will be available for the evening, including the Picture Room where the Hogarth paintings are displayed and the Dome area. Food and drink (canapés and Champagne/white wine only) may only be served in the Library-Dining Room. A full bar is not permitted, neither is red wine because of the risk of damage to the carpet and other works of art. A member of the curatorial staff will be available to give an Introductory Talk or to answer questions on the Museum if required. Caterers should be asked to stop serving drinks at 9.15pm and guests should leave the Museum by 9.30pm.

Music: if you wish to have music during the evening it is essential to discuss it with the Museum staff. Musicians need to visit the Museum beforehand to discuss acoustics, lighting etc. with the staff. Please note that it is not always possible to accommodate musicians.

Smoking is not permitted.

We would request that you state clearly on your invitation that stilettos and narrow heels are not permitted; these cause considerable damage to the Museum’s original 200 year old wooden flooring. Please contact Julie Brock if you need a copy of the ‘No stilettos’ logo.

We also do not permit guests to carry large handbags while exploring the Museum during a Reception or during the pre-dinner tour.

We would like your event to be as enjoyable and relaxed as possible, and museum staff will do all they can to adapt to your individual requirements. However, it is our responsibility to protect this unique Museum and its contents and to ensure that no damage is caused to any part of the building. We must, therefore, ask you to comply with all of the above conditions. 

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