'Catch Kitty' Print by Charlotte Cory



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Catch Kitty signed print by artist Charlotte Cory.

Charlotte Cory is the artist behind Visitoriana ® - reworked Victorian carte-de-visites photography that create a whole alternative post-Darwinian 19th century in which animals are in charge. The Victorians enjoyed visiting the Soane's Museum so it is a natural habitat for her creations. By creating highly subversive images of animal heads with human bodies she has created a vision of the nineteenth century, an exciting post-Darwinian alternative universe in which animals are clearly in charge. 

Size un-mounted: 26.4cm x 18.4cm.

Charlotte Cory a London based artist best known for her VISITORIANA - a complete, fantastical, "wholly believable" alternative 19th Century. A post-Darwinian universe of reworked, recycled, collaged and montaged Victorian "carte de visite" photography and her own photography combined with taxidermy.  A world in which the animals, or "Visitorians" as we must call them now for they are neither wholly animal nor human being, are clearly in charge.  Her works are in the Royal Collection at Windsor and have been shown at art fairs all round the world and frequently also at the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibitions in London.  

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