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A new online catalogue of Soane’s library of some 7,000 volumes is in progress. The catalogue entries are being published incrementally as they are edited. For queries please e-mail (this email requires javascript) or telephone 020 7440 4251  

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Sir John Soane's Museum contains over 30,000 architectural drawings. These include both drawings by Soane and his office, together with drawings by earlier and contemporary architects that Soane collected.

An outline list of all the architectural and topographical drawings in Soane’s collection, with the exception of the drawings by Robert and James Adam, is available online as the ‘Concise catalogue of drawings'.

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Detailed and fully illustrated online catalogues of sections of the drawings collection are also in preparation.  New entries are added regularly.

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The Sketchbooks Catalogue

The online catalogue of Sir John Soane's sketchbooks was researched and written by Jill Lever, former curator of the Royal Institute of British Architects Drawings Collection:

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The following catalogues are also available in print: 

Walter L. Spiers Catalogue of the Drawings and Designs of Robert and James Adam in Sir John Soane’s Museum, Chadwyck-Healey, 1979

Dr Lynda Fairbairn Italian Renaissance Drawings from the Collection of Sir John Soane’s Museum, 2 vols, Azimuth Editions 1998

Jill Lever Catalogue of the Drawings of George Dance the Younger (1741-1825) and of George Dance the Elder (1695-1768) from the Collection of Sir John Soane’s Museum, Azimuth Editions, 2003

Professor Alan Tait The Adam Brothers in Rome: Drawings from the Grand Tour, London, 2008

Microfilms of the Adam Collection of the Soane Drawings were produced by Chadwyck-Healey in 1976 and 1987 and these are available at the Museum and in a number of institutions in the UK and elsewhere. Contact ProQuest Information and Learning for further details. 

For queries about the Drawings Collection please contact the Curator of Drawings, Stephen Astley (this email requires javascript) or 020 7440 4252


For queries about Soane’s professional and personal papers and about records of the management of the Museum since 1837 please contact the Archivist, Susan Palmer (this email requires javascript) or 020 7440 4245

Works of Art

Our fully illustrated catalogue of the Classical Antiquities is available through our website - click here for the catalogue.

The manuscript inventory of all the objects and paintings on display in the Museum is available on request for consultation by visitors to the Research Library.

A full bibliography of Publications on the Museum is available under Bibliography

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