Soane Buildings (List of Projects)

A Chronological List of Sir John Soane’s Building Projects

This list is of the principal architectural works of Sir John Soane. It does not include student projects such as the Triumphal Bridge, nor does it list the many buildings Soane surveyed for leases or for legal cases. Also excluded are the many smaller works which were simply repairs to existing buildings.

The date under which a project first appears is the date when Soane started work on the commission. Subsequent building campaigns on the same site are listed in this first entry.

Each entry is arranged in the following way - Location/Client/nature of works/outcome

To save space the following abbreviations are used:
?........................not known

Standard County abbreviations are used:


Where the archives left by Soane are not conclusive, or where the physical evidence has been demolished or rebuilt the extent of Soane’s contribution or even if the work was executed at all, is sometimes unclear. The use of ‘dem’ implies that the work was executed and demolished. ‘House dem’ means that it is not known if the Soane work was executed and the building has been demolished. Sometimes Soane’s designs were executed by a local builder and so what was built is a local interpretation of Soane’s drawings. ‘Executed’ does not imply the survival of all or part of a building. ‘Remodelled’ implies a major remodelling of the building, from which the Soane work may or may not have survived.

It must also be stressed that this list is not the final word on the subject. New discoveries are still being made, especially where Soane work has survived subsequent remodelling. Sadly there are still cases where Soane work is being demolished, such as in 1997 at Colomberie House, St. Hellier, C.I., or remodelled as at Cricket St. Thomas, Somerset (1998/9). Vigilance is clearly still needed.

This list owes much to the pioneering lists by Dorothy Stroud and Sir Howard Colvin and also to the continuing work of my colleagues at the Museum. I am especially grateful to Ptolemy Dean, who read this list when it was in draft form, and made many helpful suggestions. His book ‘Sir John Soane and the Country Estate’, London 1999, provides an illustrated gazetteer of Soane’s country house practice.


Kingston Hall (Kingston Lacy), Dorset/ Henry Bankes the Younger/ alts / unex


Downhill, Co. Londonderry/ 4th Earl of Bristol and Bishop of Derry/ alts/unex
Allanbank, Berwicks/ John Stuart, later 4th Baronet/designs for alts to house; designs for new village/unex
Castle Eden, Co. Durham/ Rowland Burdon, MP/alts etc including new porch/remodelled
Battersea, London/ Commissioners for Prisons/Competition design for new prison/unex


Petersham Lodge, Richmond, London/ Thomas Pitt, later 1st Baron Camelford/repairs & alts/dem
7 (later 63) New Cavendish St., London/ Hon. Philip Yorke, later 3rd Earl of Hardwicke/alts & decorations/house survives much altered
Hamels Park, Herts/ Hon. Philip Yorke, later 3rd Earl of Hardwicke/ Alts to house; gateway, lodges, dairy, offices, & gardeners cottage: 1784 crescent of houses/Dairy dem, house remodelled 1830-40; offices, lodges and cottage extant. 1784 crescent unex
Spencerswood, Berks/ William Sotheby/design for a house; later design for a library/ probably unex
Walthamstow, London, house (possibly Clevelands) in Grove Lane./ James Neave/ alts and exts
If Clevelands then dem 1960
148 Piccadilly, London/ Hon. William Tollemache/ Completion and decorations of house/ dem 1972
Southwark, London, Adams Pl./ Francis Adams/ New shops and tennaments/ dem
Unlocated/ Lady Rivers/ Four designs for garden buildings/ ?


Belvedere, Kent/ Sir Sampson Gideon/Designs for garden buildings/unex
Berkeley Sq., London/ The Hon. Mrs Perry/Alts to house/ Probably exec & dem
Coombe House, nr. Kingston, London/ Hon. Wilbraham Tollemache/ Repairs & alts. Later acquired by Lord Hawksbury (later 2nd Earl of Liverpool) for whom Soane did further alts between 1801 and 1809/ Dem 1933


Dunmow, Essex/ Michael Pepper/ Designs for a villa/ Probably unex
42 Wimpole St., London/ John Stuart of Allenbank/ Alts & decorations/ exec
Rectory Manor, Walthamstow, London/ William Cooke/Alts including new kitchen and possibly new gateway/
Dem c.1897
Burnham Westgate Hall, Norfolk/ Thomas Pitt, later 1st Baron Camelford/ Alts to house & stables; new farm buildings & a prospect tower/exec; house & stables extant; Prospect tower unex
Letton Hall, Norfolk/ Brampton Gurdon Dillingham/ New house & domestic offices/ Extant but remodelled
Norwich, Norfolk, Blackfriars Bridge/ Norwich City Corporation/ New bridge/ Survives but altered c.1931
Malvern Hall, Warwicks/ Henry Greswold Lewis/ Alts including new wings and offices. 1798 Designs for barn (936 Warwick Road, Solihull)/ remodelled 1899& dem 1930s. Offices probably unex. House and barn extant
Marlesford, Suffolk/ George Smith/ Cow house/ exec & burnt down 1942
Burn Hall, Co. Durham/ George Smith/ New house & cow house/ House unex, cow house extant, now monastery
Tyttenhanger, Herts/ Hon. Mrs Yorke/ Repairs to house; 1789 further repairs/ exec
Bath, house in Powis Place/ Francis Adams/ Advised on house/ Any works probably unex


Cockley Cley, Norfolk/ J.R. Dashwood/ House & offices/ House unex & rebuilt 1870-1
Herringfleet, Suffolk/ John Leathes/ Alts/ Probably unex
Costessey, Norfolk/ Sir William Jerningham Bart./ Designs for stables & dove house/stables burnt 1996; ruins remain. Dove house possibly unex
18 Savile Row, London/ Lady Banks/ Alts to drawing room/ dem
Unlocated site at Binfield, Berks/ Dr Teighe/ Designs for farmhouse/ Executed but unidentified
Saxlingham Rectory, Saxlingham, Norfolk/ Revd John Gooch/ Design for new rectory/ extant with later exts
Tendring Hall, Suffolk/ Admiral Sir Joshua Rowley Bart./ New house & offices/ Dem 1955, except for porch & walled garden
Taverham Hall, Norfolk/ M. S. Branthwayte/ Internal alts/ Rebuilt 1858; walled garden extant
House in Park St., London/ Hon. Philip Yorke/ Repairs to house/ ?
House, probably 48 Park St., London/ Hon. James Hamilton, later 9th Earl and 1st Marquis of Abercorn/ Repairs & decorations/ dem c.1900
Earsham, Norfolk/ William Wyndham/ Kitchen wing & detached music room or greenhouse/ extant
Walthamstow, London, St. Mary’s Church/ William Cooke/ Unspecified works/ Unidentified
Langley Park, Norfolk/ Sir Thomas Proctor-Beauchamp Bart./ Entrance gateways & lodges. 1788 Repairs to roof of house/ Extant. House remodelled.
Kensington, London, St. Mary Abbot’s churchyard/ The Earl of Bellamont/ Tomb for Miss Elizabeth Johnstone


Benacre Hall, Suffolk/ Sir Thomas Gooch/ Design for lodges/ unex
Felbridge, Surrey/ James Evelyn/ Monument in grounds of house to Mr. Evelyn’s parents/ Extant but moved in 1927 to Lemmington Hall, Northumberland
Solihull, Warwicks/ W. Moland/ Design for a bridge/ unex
Shottisham (now Shotesham) Hall, Norfolk/ Robert Fellowes/ New house & domestic offices/ Extant
Chillington, Staffs/ Thomas Giffard/ Alts to house, new chapel & bridge/house extant;. Chapel & bridge unex
Two houses in Hereford St., London/ 1st Baron Camelford/ Conversion of two houses to premises for Dilettanti Society/ Unex
Nayland, Suffolk, St. James Church/ Mr Alston/ Internal alts including pewing/ exec by local builder
Hingham, Norfolk, St. Andrews Church/ Revd P. Woodhouse/ Alts to chancel, & new reredos/ Reredos now removed
Piercefield, Gwent/ George Smith/ Additions, & new facade/ executed; now derelict
Blundeston House, Suffolk/ Nathaniel Rix/ New house/ Extant but mutilated
Norwich, Norfolk/ Hellesdon Bridge/ Norwich City Corporation/ ? Unex
Little Green, West Sussex/ Thomas Peckham Phipps/ alts & stables; new house/ ? Unex, house remodelled 1912


Lees Court, Kent/ Hon. Lewis Thomas Watson/ Alts to house, new stables &domestic offices/ All extant, house remodelled 1910
37 Pall Mall, London/ Royal Exchange Assurance/ New building or remodelling of existing/ Exec but now?
Cricket Lodge, Cricket St. Thomas, Som/ 1st Viscount Bridport/ Alts & new kitchen wing. Offices and estate buildings. 1801-1807 further alts to house; 1814 Monument in St Thomas’s Church/ Some work survives but much altered in 19th Century, 1906 and 1998/9; monument extant but moved.
London, St Stephen’s Church, Coleman St./ Samuel Bosanquet/ Monument to Claude Bosanquet/ Destroyed 1940
Worlingham Hall, Suffolk/ Robert Sparrow/ Designs for house/ Unex
Tofts, Norfolk/ Payne Galwey/ Alts to house & new keepers lodge/ dem 1950s
Ryston Hall, Norfolk/ Edward Roger Pratt/ Remodelled including new wings; lodge/ Extant; lodge unex
Boconnoc, Cornwall/ 1st Baron Camelford/ alts to house & stables. New top on obelisk in park; / survives with some alts
Castle Hill, Devon/ 1st Earl Fortescue/ Alts to house & offices/ House burnt 1934 & rebuilt; Offices survive
Mulgrave Hall (now Castle), Yorks/ Constantine John 2nd Baron Mulgrave/ Additions & alts: stables/ Remodelled 1804 but some Soane work survives: stables extant but altered
Hockerill, Herts/ Ralph Winter/ small house, offices & cow house/ Exec but unlocated
Beauport, Surrey/ General Murray/ alts; new greenhouse & obelisk; 1794 further alts for James Bland Burgess/ ? exec; remodelled 1923
Nackington, Kent/ Richard Milles/ Alts to house/ dem c.1922
Unlocated house/ William Dinwody/ Additions to house/ ?
Ossington Hall, Notts/ John Dennison/ Alts & additions to house. Prospect tower, temple & lodges/
All probably unex, except possibly for lodges which are extant but remodelled; house dem 1963
16 Bedford Sq., London/ Thomas Wildman/ Alts / Probably exec
Holwood House, Kent/ Rt. Hon. William Pitt/ Alts & additions. 1795 further works/ Dem 1823. Cellars survive
Forest House, Leytonstone, London/ Samuel Bosanquet/ Alts to house/ dem
Great Horksley House, Essex/ Mrs Gibbs/ alts/ unidentified


Skelton Hall, Yorks/ John Hall (later Wharton)/ Rebuilding of house: Alts to house, new kitchen wing, lodges and stables/ Rebuilding unex; All else exec & extant, except lodges which are possibly unex & now dem
Lyndford Hall, Norfolk/ George Nelthorpe/ Alts & additions to house/ ? Unex: house rebuilt 1856-61
Fonthill, Wilts/ William Beckford/ Picture Gallery & other works/ Unex. House dem 1807


Bank of England, London/ The Governor & Court/ minor repair works. 1791 Bank Stock Office. 1793 Accounts Office. 1794 Four & Five Per Cent Offices & Rotunda. 1797 Consols Office. 1818 Colonial & Dividend Offices and many subsequent works to 1830/ Dem apart from c.75% of external wall
Hetherset, Norfolk/ J. F. Iselin/ Alternative designs for house/ Unex
Kelshall Rectory, Herts/ Revd Thomas Waddington/ Alts to rectory/ extant
Bentley Priory, Middlesex/ Hon. James Hamilton, later 9th Earl and 1st Marquis Abercorn/ Extension and remodelled of house/ Although much altered some Soane work survives
21 St James’s Sq., London/ Mrs Sturt/ Alts & additions/ house rebuilt in last century
Unlocated house in Norfolk, probably Melton Constable/ Jacob Astley/ Alts & additions/ probably exec but unidentified
Wardour Castle, Wilts/ 8th Lord Arundell of Wardour/ Enlargement of chapel/ Extant
Shadwell Lodge, Norfolk/ Robert Buxton/ Alts to house/ remodelled c.1856
St. James’s Church, Piccadilly London/ Vestry of St. James’s Parish/ Alts & improvements/ Probably unex
Bemerton, Wilts, The Rectory/ Dr William Coxe/ Alts/ Probably exec
Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park, London/ Countess of Pembroke/ Alts & additions. 1796 further works/ Some Soane work survives
Gawdy Hall, Norfolk/ Revd Gervase Holmes/ Alts to house/ Dem 1939
House in Queen Anne St. West, London/ William Martin/ Alts & decorations/ exec
Norwich Hospital, Norfolk/ through Robert Fellowes/ Advised on alts/ exec
Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, 81 Guildhall Street/ James Oakes/ extension/ extant
Honing Hall, Norfolk/ Thomas Cubitt/ Alts/ extant
Wokefield, Berks/ Mrs Brocas/ Alts to house & new gateway/ House remodelled c.1845; gateway dem
Halsnead, Lancs/ Richard Willis/ New facade & portico/ House dem 1932


County Gaol, Norwich Castle, Norwich, Norfolk/ Norfolk Magistrates/ Remodelled & new wing/ Dem 1825
Sydney Lodge, Hamble, Hants/ Hon. Mrs Yorke/ New house & offices; 1820 alts/ Extant but offices remodelled: 1820 alts unex
Tawstock Court, Devon/ Sir Bourchier Wrey Bart./ Alts to exterior & new staircase/ Altered but much extant
Wreatham Hall, Norfolk/ William Colhoun/ Designs for new house/ probably unex
Simmonds’ Brewery, Reading, Berks/ William Blackall Simonds/ New residence, offices, brewhouse & stables. 1803 office building; 1804 house in Castle St/ Dem 1900: Castle St house probably unex
Fairford House, Glos/ J. R. Barker/ Alts to house & outbuildings/ dem 1957
Westhill, Wandsworth, London/ D.H. Rucker/ Alts to house/ Probably unex
Gunthorpe Hall, Norfolk/ Charles Collyer/ New house/ Extant but remodelled late 19th century
Chilton Lodge, Berks/ William Morland/ New house/ Dem 1800
Stanmore, Middlesex, The Old Church of St. John the Evangelist/ At Lord Abercorn’s request/ New Gallery
Church now a ruin but Soane work can be identified


Castle Forbes, Co. Longford, Ireland/ Lady Granard/ Dower House/ ?unex
23 or 24 Bruton St., London/ Sir William Milner/ Alts & extensions/ ?
Wycombe Abbey, Bucks/ 3rd Earl of Shelburne/ Alts & new stables/ Alts unex: stables possibly exec, dem 1962
Wood Eaton Manor, Oxon/ John Weyland/ New porch & Kitchen Wing/ extant
Steephill, Isle of Wight/ Hon. Wilbraham Tollemache/ Alts/ Rebuilt in 1830s
Buckingham House, 91 Pall Mall, London/ 1st Marquis of Buckingham/ remodelled; 1813 further alts/ Dem 1908
103 Pall Mall, London/ Mr Crooke/ Design for a shop front/ dem 1836
CoLanee Park, Essex/ Philip Hills/ Memorial column for M. R. Hills/ Extant
Norwich, house in Surrey Street/ John Patteson/ Alts & additions/ extant
Wimpole Hall, Cambs/ 3rd Earl of Hardwicke/ Alts to house; domestic offices and estate building; 1820 alts to parish church/ Extant apart from Arrington Lodge, castello d’acqua, hen house and all but one estate house, which are dem: 1820 alts to church unex
Leicester Sq., London/ Designs for Royal Opera House/ unex


Baronscourt, Co Tyrone/ 1st Marquis of Abercorn/ major alts & extensions/ centre burnt 1796, rebuilt 1837-41little Soane survives
Williamstrip Park, Glos/ Michael Hicks Beech/ Alts & new stables/ remodelled 1946: stables extant but altered
19 Old Cavendish St., London/ Edward Foxhall/ shop front/ dem
Unidentified, possibly Whichcotes, Hendon, London/ John Cornwall/ repairs and decorations/ if Whichcotes dem
Wiston Hall, Suffolk/ Samuel Beachcroft/ Additions/ Alts in 1860s but Soane work survives
23 Hill St., London/ 1st Earl Fortescue/ alts & decorations/ Destroyed 1939-45 war
56 Pall Mall, London/ Ransom, Moreland & Hammersley/ alts, decorations & extension/ dem
Unlocated country house/ Hon. Henry Fane/ new porch/ Probably exec
Moggerhanger, Beds/ Godfrey Thornton/ Alts to house, unex: Various schemes including kitchens, lodge, stables & offices to 1809 when remodelled for son, Stephen Thornton/ Extant
Netheravon House, Wilts/ Michael Hicks Beach/ Alts & new lodges/ remodelled; lodges dem this century
Cambridge/ Vice Chancellor, University of Cambridge/ Senate house, new Museum, etc/ unex
House in St James’s Pl., London/ Robert Smith, later 1st Baron Carrington/ alts/ exec & probably dem
147 Piccadilly, London/ Charles-Alexandre de Calonne/ new chimneypiece/ dem
House of Commons, London/ Office of Works/ supervised new plumbing, heating & ventilation/ burnt 1834


Wydiall, Herts/ Mr Ellis/ Designs for new cottages/ probably unex
Unlocated house at Wandsworth Common, London/ Benjamin Cole/ alts to house/?
15 Philpot Lane., London/ P I Thelluson/ repairs & decorations/ dem
(?)14 Hereford St., London/ Joseph Smith/ repairs & decorations/ exec
Buckland, Berks/ Sir John Throckmorton/ alts including new library/ unex
Winchester, Hants, The Kings House/ Commissioners of H M Treasury/ repairs & alts/ exec, but burnt 1894
Berry Hill House, Bucks/ Lady Wynn/ extension to house/ exec but dem
Tyringham, Bucks/ William Mackworth Praed/ House, stables, gateway, bridge, garden structures and chapel/ extant apart from unex chapel. House altered internally & dome added
Cambridge, Caius College/ The Syndics/ restoration & alts to hall/ executed, remodelled 19th century & recently partially reinstated
Cambridge, St John’s College/ The Syndics/ repairs to college/ dem
Cambridge, Senate House Yard/ The Vice Chancellor/ improvements/railings survive
Unlocated house in Norwich, Norfolk/ Alderman Crowe/ designs for house/?
27 Fenchurch St., London/ Charles Thellusson/ Repairs & decorations/ dem
17 Mark Lane., London/ Samuel Boddington/ alts to counting house/ executed & dem
House in Cloak Lane., London/ J F Iselin/ repairs & alts/ dem
Sulby Hall, Northants/ René Payne/ remodelled of house; 1793 alts to farm house at Dunton; 1794 new stables ; 1798 bridge; 1824 further alts/ exec; house remodelled c.1830 & dem c.1953; stables extant
St James’s Palace, London, New Guard Room/ Office of Works/ new Guard Room/ dem
Arrington, Cambs, The Hardwicke Arms Inn/ 3rd Earl of Hardwicke/ alts/ exec
1 Upper Grosvenor St., London/ Mrs Brocas/ repairs & decorations; 1819 further works/ dem 1957
Unlocated/ Sir Frederick Eden/ alternative designs for a villa/?
12 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London/ himself/ new house & office/ house extant; office rebuilt 1889-90


Sheerness, Kent/ The Levant Merchants/ Lazaretto/ unex
Wimbourne, Dorset, St Giles’ House/ 5th Earl of Shaftsbury/ alts to house & offices/ probably unex
Barselton House, Herts/ Hon. Mrs York/ minor alts/ exec
Dunton Bassett, Leics/ René Payne/ new cottage/ exec but unlocated
104 Pall Mall, London/ Lady Louisa Manners/ alts & repairs/ dem c.1837
Paddington, London, Grand Junction Canal/ ?Bishop of London’s Estate/ decorative arch/ probably unex
Unlocated/ Richard Crichton/ design for house/ unex
6-7 Old Palace Yard, London/ G. Rose & H. Compton, Clerks of the Parliament / alts / extant


Unlocated/ Edward Darrell/ design for chimneypiece/ ?
Unlocated/ R. Gervas Kerr/ design for portico/ ?
Sunderland, Co. Durham/ Rowland Burdon/ Advised on Wear bridge/ exec but to another’s design
Cairness House, Aberdeenshire/ Charles Gordon/ new portico/ exec but not quite to Soane’s design
Cuffnels, Hants/ George Rose/ decorations, refacing, new orangery/ dem 1957
Pitshill, Sussex/ William Mitford/ alts/ exec in modified form by local builder? Remodelled 1830/40s
Reading, Berks, London Place/ W. B. Simonds/ terrace of houses/ probably unex
Sunbury House, Middlesex/ Roger Boehm/ alts/ dem
Houses of Parliament, London/ Office of Works/ New House of Lords/ unex
51 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London/ John Pearce/ alts/ dem 1904


Dunninald House, Angus/ David Scott/ alternative designs for house/ unex
429 The Strand, London/ Westminster Insurance on Lives/ alts/ probably exec
12 Stratton St., London/ Col. Thomas Graham, later Baron Lynedoch/ new house/ dem this century
56 South Audley St., London/ Miss Anguish/ repairs & decorations/ exec but later rebuilt
Winchester, Hants, Hyde Close/ Revd Mr Richards/ new Academy/ extant but altered
57 & 58 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London/ Estate of Lord Mansfield/ division into two houses/ exec; some Soane work survives including porch
Southgate, Middlesex/ Samuel Boddington/ alts/ exec & dem
Southgate, Middlesex/ John Grey/ new gardeners house & lodge/ exec & dem
25 (later 70) Portland Pl., London/ Sir Alan, later 1st Lord Gardner/ alts; 1810 further alts/ dem
Bagdon (or Savernake Lodge), Wilts/ 1st Earl of Ailsbury/ conversion of lodge to house/ survives in modified form
Hinton St George, Som/ 4th Earl Poulett/ alts & new lodge/ unex
Little Green, Surrey/ T P Phipps/ designs for alts & new house/unex
Unlocated/ Mr Henderson/ cottage/ ?
Richmond Park, Surrey/ Office of Works/ lodge & gateway/ probably unex
21 St James’s Sq., London/ 5th Duke of Leeds/ completion of house/ dem 1934


London, St Botoplh, Aldgate/ Vestry Committee/ Survey of steeple & alts/ ?
Reading, Berks, Greyfriars Rectory/ Lancelot Austwick/ new rectory/ dem 1959 apart from flanking walls & railings
House in Park Lane., London/ 2nd Earl of Mornington/ alts/ dem
Tortworth Court, Glos/ 3rd Baron Ducie/ alternative designs for lodges, & prospect tower/ unex
12 Downing St., London/ Hon. John Elliot/ repairs & decorations/ exec but later remodelled
22 Bedford Sq., London/ Hon. John Eliot/ decorations/ exec


The Strand, London/ ? / house & shop on South side by Strand Lane/ unex
London, Hyde Park, Cumberland Gate & lodge/ Office of Woods & Forests/ dem
Weston, Hants/ W. Moffat/ alts to house/ house dem
London, Constitution Hill/ Office of Woods & Forests/ lodge & gateway/ dem
North Mymms Park, Herts/ 5th Duke of Leeds/ alts; greenhouse; dairy & lodges/ house remodelled 1893, rest remodelled
Unlocated/ ?Miss Backwell/ design for almshouses/ Probably unex
44 (later 49) Grosvenor Sq., London/ Countess of Pembroke/alts/1801 and 1805 further alts for Robert Knight/ dem 1925
Cardigan House, Richmond Hill, Surrey/ Duke of Clarence/ extension/ house dem 1970


House in Buchanan St., Glasgow/ Robert Dennistoun/ new house/ dem
Wandsworth, London, Clapham Common/ Thomas Abbot Green/ alts/ exec
Bagshot Park, Surrey/ Prince William, Duke of Clarence (later William IV)/ alts & new lodge/ house & lodges rebuilt 1877
Betchworth Castle, Surrey/ Henry Peters/ alts to castle; new domestic offices/castle ruinous, lodge & dairy dem; stables converted to housing
Heathfield Lodge, Acton, London/ John Winter/ alts to house; two tenements/ house & one tenement dem 1969
Richmond Park, London, Thatched House Lodge/ Office of Woods & Forests/ alts/ extant
34 Gower St., London/ Mrs Peters/ alts to house & stables/ dem
Stanmore, Middlesex, ‘Thieves Hole’/ Mrs Brewer/ alts/ probably unex
Methven, Perthshire/ Col. Graham, later Baron Lynedoch/ farmhouse & offices/ offices extant but derelict
Fountain Court, London/ W. A. Jackson/ repairs; 1802 new building/ dem in last century


Cosgrove Hall, Bucks/ Mr Mansel/ new house & offices/ probably unex
Dublin, Bank of Ireland/ The Court of Directors/ new bank/ unex
House at Clapham, London/ Mrs Adams/ alts/ probably unex
Aynhoe Park, Northants/ Richard Cartwright/ alts & additions/ extant
Down Ampney House, Glos/ Hon. John Eliot/ alts/ executed by local builder; extant
7 Austin Friars, London/ Commercial Commissioners/ repairs & decorations/ exec
Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London/ Trustees of the Fields/ Terrace of houses/unex
22 St James’s Sq., London/ Samuel Thornton/alts; 1805 & 1811 further work/dem 1847
12 Mansfield St., London/ Charles Mills/ alts/ dem
6 & 7 Kings Arms Yard, London/ Thornton, Bayley & Armyard/ repairs & decorations/ exec
Frederick’s Pl., London/ J.W.&I. Whitmore/ alts/ extant
24 George St., London/ Dr Pemberton/ alts/ house dem this century
22 (later 25) Grosvenor Sq., London/ 1st Marquis of Abercorn/ alts & repairs/ dem 1957


Micklefield Hall, Bucks/ Elisha Briscoe/ alts / extant but house remodelled early 20th century
(?)67 Grosvenor Sq., London/ Duchess of Leeds/ decorations/ exec
54 Old Broad St., London/ Stephen Thornton/ alts/ dem
Bath, Som, Seymour St./ Christopher Barnard/ new eating room/ houses bombed in 1939-45 war
Albury Park, Surrey/ Samuel Thornton/ alts; new bridge, church window & stables/ remodelled 1842 but some ints survive; stables dem; bridge & church window probably unex
Wall Hall, Herts/ G.W. Thellusson/ New entrance and rooms/ unex
Pitzhanger Manor, Ealing, London/ for himself/ house remodelled; ‘ruins’ in garden/ house extant; lodge, cottage, bridge & garden layout extant; ruins & kitchen dem
Moat House, or Moor House, Rickmansworth, Herts/ T.H. Earle/ alts & additions/ probably unex
50 Park St., London/ Henry Peters/ repairs/ dem


22 New Norfolk St. (now Dunraven St.), London/ J Hammet/ alts/ exec but house remodelled
54 Park St., London/ Kenelm Digby/ alts & repairs/ exec
Bartholomew Lane., London/ Down, Thornton & Free/ alts & decorations/ dem
189 Fleet St., London/ W. M. Praed/ new banking house/ dem 1923
South Hill Park, Berks/ George Canning/ alts/ exec but house remodelled 1853
Aldenham House, Herts/ Lady Dalling/ repairs & decorations/ exec but remodelled in 1870s
Norwood Hall, Middlesex/ John Robins/ new house/ house extant but remodelled early 20th century
Bramley, Hants, Church of St James/ Mrs Brocas/ new chapel/ extant
Chelsea, London/ Gen. Wilford/ alts to house/ unknown if executed; house dem 1854


Crown & Treaty Inn, Uxbridge, Middlesex/ conversion by James Spiller; Soane was consultant
Macartney House, Greenwich, London/ Hon. G.F. Lyttleton/ alts & additions/ much work survives
Wakefield, All Saints Church/ ?/ report on spire/ report submitted
Fountain Court, Aldermanbury, London/ W.A. Jackson, Peters & Co/ new premises/dem
Port Eliot, Cornwall/ Edward, 1st Baron Eliot, then Hon. John Eliot, 2nd Baron & later Earl of St Germans/ remodelled house; new stables; bridge, pew in church/House remodelled in 19th century but much remains; stables extant; bridge unex: pew extant but altered


Little Hill Court, Herts/ Mrs Saunders/ internal alts/ unlocated; possibly unex
Breadalbane House, Park Lane., London/ 4th Earl of Breadalbane/ alts/ dem 1876
Hampstead, London/ Daniel Bayley/ alts to house/ ?
14 Upper Grosvenor St., London/ Thomas Raikes/ alts/ dem1908
19 Curzon St., London/ Sir John Sebright Bart./ alts/ extant


House at Palmer’s Green, London/ Thomas Lewis/ alts & decorations/ exec & dem
Reading, Market Place/ Edward Simeon/ Monument/ extant but has public WC abutting
Ramsey Abbey, Cambs/ W.H. Fellowes/ house remodelled; new stables/ house extant but remodelled 1838; lodges, if exec, dem
Cedar Court, Roehampton, London/ John Thomson/ alts & extension/ dem 1910
Beechwood, Herts/ Sir John Sebright Bart/ alts/ unex


Stowe, Bucks/ 1st Marquis of Buckingham/ library & vestibule; 1818 alts to family apartments/ library & vestibule extant; 1818 alts unex
33 St James’s Sq., London/ 2nd Baron Eliot/ alts; 1817 further alts/ remodelled; only traces of Soane left
London, St Giles Church/ Parish Council/ new lobby & porch/ unex
Astrop Park, Northants/ Revd W.S. Willes/ Additions &alts; lodge/ remodelled 19th Century & wings dem 1961; internal alts survive; lodge dem
Banbury, Oxon/ James King/ two designs for house/ unex
Combe House, Devon/ Reymundo Putt/ alts; 1811 new house/ alts & house unex
6 Audley Sq., London/ Richard Benyon/ repairs/ exec


Englefield House, Berks/ Richard Benyon/ unidentified repairs/ exec but house remodelled 1823 & 1850
Leytonstone, London, St Mary’s Churchyard/ Bosanquet family/ Monument to Samuel Bosanquet/ reduced 1957, base only survives
4 Fredericks Pl. London/ Thomas Lewis/ alts/ exec


4 Dean (now Deanery) St., London/ Robert Knight/ alts to house/ dem
Princes St., London/ Bank of England/ New Bank Buildings (5 residences)/ dem 1891
Whitley Abbey, Warwickshire/ 1st Viscount Hood/ alts & extensions/ dem 1953
London, Royal Hospital, Chelsea/ The Governor & Board/ repairs; 1810 Infirmary; 1814 stables; 1815 alts to Clerk of Works house; 1815 bakehouse; 1817 gardeners house & gatehouse;1818 Secretary’s office; 1821 Surgeon’s house; 1829 Chelsea Gate; 1834 garden shelter/ Infirmary bombed & dem 1941; Clerk of Works house dem 1856; Much else survives
Oxford, Brasenose College/ The Seniority of the College/ alts; new building on High St./ alts exec but remodelled 1980s; new work unex
34 (later 39) Grosvenor St., London/ Mrs Benyon/ alts/ dem 1962
38 Charlotte (now Hallam) St., London/ Sir Francis Bourgeois/ mausoleum/ dem c.1812
Belfast, N. Ireland/ The Management Committee/new Academical Institution/ executed in simplified form & extant


13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London/ himself/ rebuilding of rear premises: 1812 house rebuilt/ both extant
Taymouth Castle, Perthshire/ 4th Earl of Breadalbane/ alts/ unex
Hagley, Worcs, Church of St John Baptist/ 2nd Baron Lyttleton/ memorial urn/ truncated 1858
London, Southwark Cathedral/ Newland family/ Monument to Abraham Newland/ extant


Butterton Hall, Staffs/ Thomas Swinnerton/ alts/ unex
Fife House, Whitehall, London/ 2nd Earl of Liverpool/ alts & further work over several years/ dem 1869
Mells Park, Som/ Col. Thomas Horner/ alts to house & offices; 1815 further alts/ house dem 1917: offices extant but remodelled


Colomberie House, St Helier, Jersey, C.I./ Clement Hemery/ alts / dem 1998; some elements saved & stored
Unlocated/ Sir John Coxe Hippisley/ new cottage; 1812 new seat designs/ ?
Norwich/ Norwich City Corporation/ lamp standard/ unex


Lampton, (?)/ ? / new villa & bungalow/ ?
Dulwich Picture Gallery & Mausoleum, London/ The Master & Wardens of Dulwich College/ picture gallery & mausoleum/ extant; damaged 1944 & rebuilt; refurbished and extended 1999
Everton House, Beds/ William Astell/ alts/ dem this century
Chiswick, London, Church of St Nicholas/ Mrs de Loutherbourg/ tomb for Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg/ extant
Walmer, Kent, St Mary’s (Old) Church/ request of 2nd Earl of Liverpool/ enlargement/ unex
Walmer, Kent, Walmer Cottage/ Captain Lee / extension/ executed but remodelled
22 (later 18) Park Lane., London/ John Robins/ new house/ bombed & dem 1942
Unlocated/ Captain Mason/ new house/ ?


Isle of Wight/ Sir John Coxe Hippisley/ alts to unlocated house/ ?
Ringwould House, Kent/ Revd John Monins/ new house/ extant
Petworth House, Sussex/ 3rd Earl of Egremont/ portico; 1816 prospect tower/ both unex
Freemasons’ Hall, Gt. Queen St., London/ Grand Master’s Lodge/ repairs; 1821 new gallery; 1828 new Council Chamber & kitchen/ dem 1864


Putteridgebury, Herts/ John Sowerby/ alts & new stables/ house exec but remodelled 1910: stables partly extant


Camolin Park, Co Wexford, Ireland/ Viscount Valentia/ alts & extension/ unex
Butterton Grange Farm House, Staffs/ Thomas Swinnerton/ new house & stables/ extant
Sudeley Castle, Glos/ 2nd Marquis of Buckingham/ alts; 1819 further alts/ both unex


London, Whitehall, Carrington House/ 1st Baron Carrington/ stable block; 1818 alts/ dem 1886
13 (later 14) Grosvenor Square, London/ 2nd Lord Berwick/ alts/ dem
London, Westminster/ National Monument; 5 designs to 1818/ unex
London, St Giles’s Burial Ground/ for himself/ Soane family tomb/ extant
St Albans St., St James’s, London/ 1st Earl of St Germans/ stabling/ dem


Lambeth, London, St Mary’s Church/ Mrs Storace/ memorial to Anna Storace/ extant
Snaresbrook, London/ Jeremiah Harman/ new verandah/ ?


Canada/ William Halton, Provincial Agent/ Government House for Upper Canada/ unex
House at Upper Clapton, London/ Thomas Bros/ alts & repairs/ executed & ?dem
62 Threadneedle St., London/ Grote, Prescott & Grote/ alts to bank/ exec
Marden Hill, Herts/ C.G. Thornton/ alts & new porch/ extant
3 St James’s Sq., London/ 4th Earl of Hardwicke/ extension/ dem 1930
London, Old Jewry/ Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt/ National Debt Redemption and Life Annuities Office/ dem c.1900


14 New Burlington St., London/ Admiral Sir Joseph Yorke/ alts/ unex
Wotton House, Bucks/ 2nd Marquis of Buckingham/ remodelled after fire/ extant with some alts
London, Marylebone, Holy Trinity Church/ Commissioners for Church Building/ new church/1926 & 1955 alts but largely extant
16 Montague Place, London/ Henry Hase/ alts/ exec
156-170 Regent St., London/ John Robins & others/ block of shops & house/ dem
London, Palace of Westminster/ Office of Works/ repairs; 1822 Royal Entrance & Gallery; Library & Committee Rooms/ 1834 partly fire damaged; dem 1851


Wootton Manor, Som/ Sir Alexander Hood/ additions/ unex
Portugal St., London/ Commissioners for the Insolvent Debtors’ Court/ New Debtors Court & Offices/ dem 1911
Fan Grove, Berks/ Vice Admiral Sir Henry Hotham/ alts/ probably unex


Pell Wall House, Staffs/ Purney Sillitoe/ new house, offices, coach house, gardener’s cottage & walled kitchen garden, brick lodge & Gothick lodge/ 1861 remodelled & enlarged; 1986 burnt; shell under restoration; lodges extant but extended: coach house extant
London, Westminster/ Office of Works/ The Law Courts/ dem 1883
Walworth, London, St Peter’s Church/ Commissioners for Church Buildings/ new church/ extant


Whitehall, London/ Office of Works/ Board Of Trade & Privy Council Offices/ remodelled 1846; some interiors survive
14 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London/ himself/ rebuilding of rear premises: 1824 House rebuilt/ extant


Old Foreign Office, London/ Office of Works/alts/ some work survives


10, 11 & 12 Downing St., London/ Office of Works/ alts including new dining room at No.11/ remodelled but dining room extant


Bethnal Green, London, St John’s Church/ Commissioners for Church Building/ new church/ remodelled 1870 & 1888
Branch Banks in Gloucester, Manchester, Swansea, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds, Exeter, Newcastle, Norwich and Hull/ Bank of England/ repairs & alts/Gloucester exec & ?extant; Manchester exec, further work 1830, dem 1835; Swansea, further alts 1830, dem 1859; Birmingham, further alts 1829, dem in 19th century; Liverpool proposed extension 1834 unex, ?dem; Bristol further alts 1827, bombed in last war & dem; Leeds 1827 proposed alts unex; Exeter minor alts, bombed in last war & dem; Newcastle minor alts, dem; Norwich minor alts, dem; Hull minor alts, remodelled in 19th century


Horse Guards Parade, London/ Monument to Duke of York/ unex proposal


The Banqueting House, Whitehall, London/ Office of Works/ repair & restoration/ extant


Hardenhuish, Wilts/ Thomas Clutterbuck/ alts & extension/ extant
Westminster, London/ Office of Works/ New State Paper Office/ dem 1862


30 Belgrave Pl., London/ Sir Francis Chantry/ ante-room & alts to facade/exec & dem in 19th century


London/ Wellington Memorial/ unex proposal