Works on Sir John Soane and his architecture

General Works

Birnstingl, H. J.
Sir John Soane, London, 1925

Bolton, Arthur T.
Architectural Education a Century Ago. Being an account of the office of Sir John Soane, R.A., with special reference to the career of George Basevi London n.d. (?1923)

The Works of Sir John Soane, F.R.S., F.S.A., R.A. (1753-1837), London 1924

Lectures on Architecture by Sir John Soane.....As delivered to the Students of the Royal Academy from 1809 to 1836 in Two Courses of Six Lectures each, London 1929

Brittain-Caitlin, Timothy
‘Unseen Soane', in The World of Interiors, September 2003, pp100-109

Britton, John
A brief Memoir of Sir John Soane, London, 1834

Cruickshank, Dan
‘Soane and the Meaning of Colour’, Architectural Review, vol. 185, January 1989, pp. 46-52

Darley, Gillian
John Soane: An Accidental Romantic, London and New Haven, 1999

'The Surprising Discretion of Soane and Repton’ in The Georgian Group Journal, Vol. XII, 2002, pp38-47

Dean, Ptolemy
Sir John Soane and the Country Estate, London, 1999

Sir John Soane and London, London, 2006

Donaldson, Thomas Leverton
A Review of the Professional Life of Sir John Soane, London, 1837

Evans, Christopher
‘Megalithic Follies: Soane’s “Druidic remains” and the Display of Monuments’ in Journal of Material Culture, Vol.5 (3), 2000 pp347-366

Grigor, Murray (Director)
John Soane: An English Architect, an American Legacy, A Checkerboard Film production DVD, New York, 2004

Jencks, Charles
The Riddle of John Soane: Deciphering the enigma code of Soanic architecture, Annual Soane Lecture 1999

Kelly, Alison
‘Soane’s use of Coade Stone’, Apollo, April 1989

McCarthy, Michael
‘Thomas Pitt, Piranesi and John Soane: English Architects in Italy in the 1770s’, Apollo, vol.34, December 1991, pp.380-86

Middleton, Robin
‘The History of John Soane’s “Designs for Public and Private Buildings”’, Burlington Magazine, August 1996, pp.506-516

‘The magpie of Lincoln’s Inn Fields’ in Architecture and Ideas, Winter/Spring 2000, vol 3, no.1, pp24-33

Mosley, James
The Nymph and the Grot; The Revival of the Sanserif Letter, London, 1999

Du Prey, Pierre de la Ruffinière
John Soane’s Education 1753-80, Princeton University Ph.D. thesis, 1972; New York 1977

‘Soane and Hardwick in Rome: a Neo-Classical Partnership’, Architectural History, vol. 15, 1972, pp.51-67

‘Eighteenth Century English Sources for a History of Swiss Wooden bridges’, Zeitschrift für schweizerische Archäologie und Kunstgeschichte, vol. 36, 1979, pp.51-63

‘John Soane, Philip Yorke, and their Quest for Primitive Architecture’, National Trust Studies, London, 1979, pp. 28-38

John Soane: The Making of an Architect, Chicago and London, 1982

Academy Editions Monograph: John Soane, London 1983

Catalogues of Architectural Drawings at the V&A: Sir John Soane, London 1985

Richardson, Margaret
‘John Soane; The Business of Architecture’, in Georgian Architectural Practice, The Georgian Group Symposium 1991, London, 1991

‘Learning in the Soane Office’, in Bingham, Neil (ed), The Education of the Architect, Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Symposium of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, London, 1992

‘John Soane and the Temple of Vesta at Tivoli’, in Architectural History vol.46 2003, pp129-145

Sawyer, Sean
‘Sir John Soane’s Symbolic Westminster: The Apotheosis of George IV’, Architectural History, 39, 1996, pp.54-76

‘Sir John Soane and the Late Georgian Origins of the Royal Entrance’ in Christine and Jacqueline Riding (eds.) The Houses of Parliament: History, Art, Architecture, London, 2000 pp137-148

Soane at Westminster: Civic Architecture and National Identity, 1789-1834, PhD thesis, Columbia University 1999

Sir John Soane’s Museum
Visions of Ruin: Architectural fantasies and designs for garden follies, Exhibition Catalogue, London 1999. This catalogue incorporates the text of Soane's extraordinary 1812 manuscript 'Crude Hints towards an History of my House', edited with notes and an introductory essay by Helen Dorey.

Stamp, Gavin
‘Soane in Glasgow’, in The Georgian Group Journal vol XIII, 2003 pp181-200

Stroud, Dorothy
The Early Work of Soane’, Architectural Review, February 1957, pp.121-22

The Architecture of Sir John Soane, London, 1961

Sir John Soane: Architect, London 1984, revised ed. London 1996

Summerson, John
‘Sir John Soane’, The Times, 20 January 1937

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Sir John Soane, London, 1952

‘Sir John Soane and the Furniture of Death’, Architectural Review, March 1978, pp.147-58

Teyssot, Georges
John Soane and the birth of style, Oppositions 14, Fall 1978

John Soane et la naissance du style, Archives d'Architecture Moderne 21, 1981

Waterfield, Giles, ed.
Soane and Death, Exhibition Catalogue, Dulwich Picture Gallery, 1996

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Freemasonry and Sir John Soane’, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 54:4, December 1995, pp. 402-17

Sir John Soane: Enlightenment Thought and the Royal Academy Lectures, Cambridge, 1996

Sir John Soane & Enlightenment Thought: The Annual Soane Lecture, 1996, London, 1996

Wendt, Edward
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Wilton-Ely, John
Piranesi Paestum & Soane, Prestel 2013 (revised version of book originally published by Azimuth editions 2002)

Yeomans, David
‘Soane and Swiss Bridges’ in Construction History, Vol.19, 2003, pp47-64

A selection of works on individual buildings designed by Sir John Soane.  Please note, work is continuing to catalogue and make available the Museum's collection of drawings by Soane, arranged by scheme.  To see drawings for a particular building, please see our catalogue.

Belfast and Northern Ireland

Dixon, Hugh
Soane and the Belfast Academical Institution, Gatherum 8, 1976

du Prey, Pierre de la Ruffiniere
'Je N'Oublieray jamais': John Soane and Downhill, Irish Georgian Society Bulletin, Vol. XXI, 1978

The Bank of England

Abramson, Daniel M.
Money’s Architecture: the Building of the Bank of England, 1731-1833, Harvard University Ph.D. thesis 1993

‘C R Cockerell’s “Architectural Progress of the Bank of England”’, Architectural History, vol. 37, 1994, pp. 112-29

Building the Bank of Bank of England: Money, Architecture, Society, New Haven and London, 2005

Bolton, Arthur T.
A short Account of the Evolution of the Tivoli Corner of The Bank of England, designed by Sir John Soane, R.A. 1804-5. Issued by the Trustees of Sir John Soane’s Museum as a protest against any alteration of the Design and as a record, London, 1933

Leeds, W.H.
‘An Essay on the Architectural Character of the Bank of England’, in Britton, John and Pugin, Augustus (eds), Illustrations of the Public Buildings of London, Vol.2, London, 1828

Palmer, Susan
‘Built to last – Soane’s Bank’ in Off the Record, Summer 1996 No8, Bank of England

Schumann-Bacia, Eva
Die Bank von England und ihr Architekt John Soane, Zurich and Munich, 1989

John Soane and The Bank of England, London, 1991

Summerson, John
‘The Evolution of Soane’s Bank Stock Office in the Bank of England’, Architectural History, Vol.27, 1984 

The Royal Hospital, Chelsea

Cruikshank, Dan
Complex Classicism: Wren and Soane at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea’, Architect’s Journal, 26 November 1998, pp. 26-42

Palmer, Susan
‘Sir John Soane’s Garden at the Royal Hospital Chelsea’, The London Gardener, vol.9, 2003-4, pp11-20

Richardson, Margaret
‘Soane in Chelsea’, The Chelsea Society Report, 1992, pp.45-51

Nos. 10 & 11 Downing Street

HMSO Publications
11 Downing Street, 1990

Hewlings, Richard
11 Downing Street: John Soane's work for John Eliot 1797-1805, Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, Vol. 39, 1995

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Ballantyne, Andrew
‘First Principles and Ancient Errors: Soane at Dulwich’, Architectural History, vol.37, 1994, pp. 96-111

Binney, Marcus
London's First Picture Gallery, Country Life, January 1970

Davies, Colin
Masters of Building: The first independent purpose-built Picture Gallery: Dulwich Picture Gallery, Architect's Journal, April 1984

Dulwich Picture Gallery
‘Soane and After: The Architecture of Dulwich Picture Gallery’, Exhibition Catalogue, London, 1987

Nevola, Francesco
‘Soane’s Favourite Subject: the story of Dulwich Picture Gallery’, London, 2005 

Moggerhanger House, Bedfordshire

Brown, Jane and Musson, Jeremy (eds)
Moggerhanger Park, Bedfordshire : An Architectural and Social History from Earliest Times to the Present, Moggerhanger House Preservation Trust 2012

Cooper, Jenny
A Guide to Moggerhanger House, 2005

Inskip, Peter
‘Moggerhanger’ The Georgian Group Journal, vol.XIV, 2004 pp 214-242

New State Paper Office, Westminster

Palmer, Sue
‘Sir John Soane and the Design of the New State Paper Office, 1829-24’, in Archivaria 60, 2006, pp39-70

Pell Wall, Shropshire

Matheou, Demitrios
‘Restoring Soane’s Last House Exactly as he Intended’, The Architects Journal, 4 August 1994, pp.14-5

Powell, Ken and Andraea, Sophie
Soane’s Shell Must Survive’, SAVE Britain’s Heritage, London, 1987

Taliotis, Xenia
Saving Soane’s Swansong’, Heritage Today, September 1994, pp.32-33

Worsley, Giles
‘Pell Wall Hall, Staffordshire’, Country Life, 7 April 1988

Pitzhanger Manor, Ealing

De Divitiis, Bianca
‘Plans, Elevations and Perspective Views of Pitzhanger Manor-House' in The Georgian Group Jounal, Vol.XIV, 2004 pp55-74

‘New Drawings for the Interiors of the Breakfast Room and Library at Pitzhanger Manor’ in Architectural History, vol. 48, 2005 pp. 163-172

Dorey, Helen
‘Sir John Soane’s Pitzhanger’, in Trackers, Exhibition Catalogue, Pitzhanger Manor, Ealing, 2004

Leary, Emmeline
‘Sir John Soane and Pitshanger Manor’, RSA Journal, Vol.CXXXVII No.5392, March 1989

Pitshanger Manor: An Introduction, London, 1990 and subsequent eds 

Robinson, John Martin
Scraping the Ceiling [the restoration of Pitshanger Manor], Country Life, 20 April 1989, pp.192-3

Stroud, Dorothy
'Sir John Soane and the rebuilding of Pitszhanger Manor', in Searing (ed.) ''In Search of Modern Architecture: A Tribute to Henry-Russell Hitchcock” New York, 1983, pp.38-51

The Soane Tomb, St. Pancras Gardens, London

Bowdler, Roger, and Woodward, Christopher
An Ornamental Stucture and Very Likely to Be Damaged...: Sir John Soane’s Tomb in St. Pancras Gardens’, Architectural History, Vol.42, 1999

The Law Courts, Westminster

Harris, John
Soane’s Classical Triumph: a Lost Westminster Triumph Revealed’, Apollo, vol. 135, May 1992, pp.288-90

Sawyer, Sean
‘Order out of Chaos: Soane’s Law Courts as a Paradigm for Architecture in the Age of Historicism’, in Bergdoll and Oeschlin (eds.) Fragments : Architecture and the Unfinished: Essays presented to Robin Middleton, London, 2006

Wedgwood, Alexandra
Soane’s Law Courts at Westminster, AA Files 24, Autumn 1992

Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire

Adshead, David
‘Like a Roman Sepulchre': John Soane’s design for a Castello d’acqua at Wimpole, Cambridgeshire, and its Italian origins” in Apollo, April 2003, pp15-21

Woodward, Christopher
‘Dancing Soane: The Yellow Drawing Room at Wimpole Hall’, Apollo, April 1999, pp.8-13

Wotton House, Buckinghamshire

Palin, William (ed.)
Saving Wotton: The Remarkable Story of a Soane Country House, Exhibition Catalogue, Sir John Soane’s Museum, London 2004

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