The Collections


Egyptian and Greek and Roman Antiquities

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Renaissance and Neo-Classical

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Paintings and Framed Drawings/Prints

The Soane's Hogarths, Canalettos, Turners and other regency paintings have been included in many exhibition catalogues (see list of loans Appendix ) and these are not listed here. Nor are the standard works on these artists which mention the Soane paintings included.  The Museum's oil paintings have been catalogued and are available online through the Your Paintings website - please see the enclosed link.

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There are numerous books and articles on the work of the architects of whose work the Soane has major holdings (Robert Adam, Charles-Louis Clérisseau, George Dance, Sir William Chambers, Sir Christopher Wren, Joseph Michael Gandy etc.). These all contain references to drawings in the Soane collection but are too numerous to be included in this select bibliography: those listed therefore are those which focus on the Soane collection.  An ongoing project to make available the catalogues for these collections means that more entries are being added regularly - please visit our catalogue for more information.

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The Archive

Bolton, Arthur T.
The Portrait of Sir John Soane, R.A. (edited correspondence from the Soane Archive) London 1927

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Sir John Soane’s Museum
Visions of Ruin: Architectural fantasies and designs for garden follies, Exhibition Catalogue, London 1999, which publishes for the first time 'Crude Hints towards a History of my House', a manuscript written by Soane in 1812

Watkin, David
Sir John Soane: Enlightenment Thought and the Royal Academy Lectures, Cambridge University Press, 1996

Sir John Soane: The Royal Academy Lectures, Cambridge University Press, 2000 [a paperback text of the lectures with an introductory essay: a concise version of Dr. Watkin's magisterial 1996 volume]

Visions of World Architecture: John Soane’s Royal Academy Lecture Illustrations, Exhibition Guide, Sir John Soane’s Museum, London 2007

Architectural Models

Richardson, Margaret
‘Model Architecture’, Country Life 183 (21 September 1989) pp. 224–7.

Wilton-Ely, John
‘The Architectural Models of Sir John Soane: A Catalogue’, Architectural History, Vol.12, 1969

The Library

Harris, Eileen
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Harris, Eileen and Savage, Nicholas (eds).,

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Stained Glass

Dorey, Helen
(ed. Sandra Coley), The Stained Glass Collection of Sir John Soane’s Museum, The Journal of Stained Glass, Vol. XXVII, Special Issue and Extra Number 2004


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