original diary cover

Soane kept a notebook during the building of Number 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields, now his Museum. We will be publishing the entries day by day to mark the 200th anniversary of this build - follow this link for more details.

September 10th 1812

Transcription & Scan

Thursday 10 Sept[ember] 1812. Completed the landing in the front, and began setting the East corner pilaster on the landing of the drawing room floor

scan of sir john soane diary entry on September 10th 1812


The landing in front refers to the flat loggia at first floor level, the subject of the letter from Kinnard, the Surveyor on Tuesday the 8th.  The complaints do not appear to have hampered progress with the build, as another floor has been added.  The pilaster is a projecting column-like decoration on the East corner wall.  Unmentioned in this entry, September the 10th was also Soane's birthday.