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Soane kept a notebook during the building of Number 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields, now his Museum. We will be publishing the entries day by day to mark the 200th anniversary of this build - follow this link for more details.

October 8th 1812

Transcription & Scan

Thursday 8 Oct[ober]. The Slater came to see his work and to begin tomorrow

scan of sir john soane diary entry on October 8th 1812


We know from the bill (Soane Archive XVI.J.1) that the slaters used were William & James Sharp of 181 Tooley Street. The materials mentioned are three types of slate – ‘Countess Slating’, ‘New Ladie Slates’ and ‘Westmoreland Slate’ with ‘Copper Nails' on both front and back mansards. The bill mentions the re-use of 'old slating' on the back mansard with the ‘new Ladie slates' only used for making good. The pine (‘deal’) boarding to which the slates were fixed was made and fitted by Richard Martyr’s carpenters. They also constructed the timber skylight over the main staircase and the boarding for the main roof, which was covered with copper (lead was used for the curbs, ridges and to cover the stone landings).