original diary cover

Soane kept a notebook during the building of Number 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields, now his Museum. We will be publishing the entries day by day to mark the 200th anniversary of this build - follow this link for more details.

October 7th 1812

Transcription & Scan

Wed[nesda]y 7 & Thurs[da]y 8th Oct[ober]. Continued cleaning down the front and removing the scaffolding.  Cutting out the ped[imen]t part of parlour windows put in by mistake

scan of sir john soane diary entry on October 7th 1812


The end of the construction is nearing, as the scaffolding continues to be removed in preparation for the arrival of the slaters.  The windows that are being removed are from the ground floor, and it is somewhat comforting to know that even builders working under the supervision, and to the plans, of a renowned architect could make mistakes!  The abbreviation ‘ped.’ could be for ‘pediment’ or for ‘pedestal’ - the former seems more likely.