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Soane kept a notebook during the building of Number 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields, now his Museum. We will be publishing the entries day by day to mark the 200th anniversary of this build - follow this link for more details.

August 5th 1812

Transcription & Scan

Aug. 5 Wed. Rained all night and the greater part of the day, until 5o’c. No Bricklayer, the Foreman excepted and one Lab.[ourer]. Not one course yet laid
Signed Agreement at Mr. Domville’s as corrected on my part by Mr Domville promised Mr Domville to do whatever I thought necessary to secure the party wall next Mr. Pullen, as far as the state of the business would allow.
Mr Le Grice called and Mr Tyndale, think vaults are not encroach.[ing] and therefore no application to the trustees necessary.
Sent to Mr Lee to state the slow progress of his men

scan of sir john soane diary entry on August 5th 1812


The lack of progress due to the bad weather was obviously infuriating Soane, with few people on site, causing him to demand an explanation from Mr Lee the brickworker.

The rest of this entry focuses on the ongoing legal work  - the completion of the party wall agreement with Domville, and seeking the same with Mr Pullen at No.14 Lincoln's Inn Fields.  There was further good news for Soane with regard to the vaults at the front of the property, on which work had been delayed.  Mr. Le Grice called on him to let him know that the vaults did not encroach beneath the public pavement and that therefore no application to the Lincoln's Inn Fields Trustees would be necessary before work started, meaning that things could progress further, weather permitting!