George Booth Tyndale

George Booth Tyndale (1772-1855), a solicitor, had been the tenant of No. 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields since 1803. Soane offered him a lease of No. 12 in exchange for moving out of No. 13. A summary of the agreement between the two survives in the Soane Archive (7/A/1/3). When No. 13 is rebuilt Mr. Tyndale is to be put in possession of No. 12 at a rent of £250 per annum for the remainder of the term of his previous lease on No. 13 (which he rents from Soane). Mr. Tyndale is to pay all taxes on No. 12 except the Property Tax and to insure the house for £2,000. Mr Tyndale is to give J.S. possession of 13 LIF on 15th July 1812. It is not known where George Tyndale and his wife lived between vacating No. 13 and the end of the following year when Soane and his family left No. 12 to move into their new house next door. George Tyndale was still living at No. 12 in the mid-1820s.


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