Past Exhibitions

The Adam Brothers in Rome:  Drawings from the Grand Tour

An exhibition in the Soane Gallery from the 25 September 2008 - 14 February 2009

An exhibition of drawings and models from David Chipperfield Architects Neues Museum project.

In October 1754, Robert Adam (1728-92) left the cold shores of Scotland for an extended Grand Tour of Italy. Robert was followed to Italy in 1760 by his younger brother, James Adam (1732-94). There, the borthers would be exposed to the architecture of the great Mediterranean civilisations that had left their mark upon the Italian peninsula.

The brothers' tour would not only have a profound affect upon the young architects but would totally change British architecture upon their return. This exhibition, drawing upon the Soane Museum's rich holdings of Adam Office material, will attempt to explain the impact of Italy and the Classical past on both Robert and James as well as to trace the influences that the contemporary artists and architects whom they encountered on the Grand Tour had on them. Curated by Professor Alan Tait, the exhibtion coincides with the publication by Scala of The Adam Brothers in Rome: Drawings from the Grand Tour.