Past Exhibitions

Michael Petry: Touching the Neoclassical and Romantic

14 October - 11 December 2010

The first part of multi-media artist Michael Petry's residency at the Soane features Petry's glass pieces. They are created, in an almost alchemical process, neo-classical silver forms with the organic, fluid qualities of molten glass. This fusion complements Sir John Soane’s interest in neo-classical silver and the transformative nature of glass in his architecture.

With stained glass and plain coloured glass Soane ‘played’ with the qualities of light and shade throughout his house in Lincoln’s Inn Fields to make the most evocative and appropriate moods to display his collections and sculptural arrangements. He also used light to manipulate architectural form. Today he is recognised as the English master of ‘lumière mystérieuse’, the almost mystical, mysterious atmosphere achieved through a variety of light effects, including skylights, mirrors, and concealed lamps.


This exhibition is kindly supported by the Westbrook Gallery, London.

Michael Petry Part Two: Bad Seed