Past Exhibitions

Inspired by Soane

9 September 2010 to 1 October 2010

Inspired by Soane - example workThe individual art works created for this exhibition are testimony to the admiration and affection felt by many artists and architects for the Soane Museum.-I am struck by the sheer variety and quality of their response to our call to take part and support the Museum in this imaginative and practical way, and thank all those who have participated in the project.

This exhibition is proof, if we need it, that after almost one hundred and eighty years, Sir John Soane's Museum still inspires 'Amateurs and Students' of the Arts, just as Soane intended.-The fruits of this potent source of inspiration can be seen in the Soane Gallery from 10 September. 200 uniform blank 'Art Cards' which have been transformed by a host of architects, artists, photographers and designers into works of art loosely themed 'Inspired by Soane'. And these are hardly works by 'Amateurs and Students', for among them are art works by many of the greatest names in the creative industries of our time.

After this exhibition all the Art Cards will be sold anonymously in a special secret ballot to be solemnly drawn on 7 October 2010.-It will be an opportunity to take home a souvenir of this extraordinary outpouring of talent and affection, as well as an excellent way to support our project, Opening up the Soane. All proceeds from Inspired by Soane will go towards this major restoration project, in particular the new exhibition gallery.-So please be generous and have a flutter - for £200 you might get a work by Damien Hirst, Daniel Libeskind or Vivienne Westwood - or you might get the card by me!

In order to donate £200 to the project and stake your claim to have your name drawn on 7 October as a lucky winner of any of the Art Cards you must present yourself at the Soane Museum, once the exhibition has opened,-where you will be given full terms and conditions and an entry form to complete. But be quick - there are only 50 of these forms available to Gallery Visitors and they will be given out only on a first come, first served basis!-

Tim Knox
September 2010

The PDF files below contain a list of participating artists with their works illustrated, and ordered by the page numbers of the Inspired by Soane exhibition catalogue.

Artists by cat page 1-53.pdf Artists by cat page 54-101.pdf

Artists by cat page 102-152.pdf Artists by cat page 153-201.pdf


List of participants:

A Eugene Kohn-Architect, Adam Caruso-Architect, Adam Kossoff-Artist, Alan Dodd-Artist, Alan Powers-Artist, Alec Cobbe-Artist, Alexis Harding-Artist, Ali Kepenek-Artist, Alistair Bowes and Kirsten Mavric-Restoration/Photography, Allegra Hicks- Designe,r Andrew Barrow-Artist, Andrew Lawson-Photographer, Andrew Logan- Artist, Andy Davey-Cartoonist, Anne-Marie Creamer-Artist, Anthony Gormley-Sculptor, Antonio Santacroce-Artist, Antony Powell-Designer, Arabella Brooke-Sculptor, Barbara Francis-Artist, Ben de Lisi-Designer, Billie Tsien-Architect, Birch Coffey-Designer, Cameron Mactavish-Architect, Caroline Bullock-Artist, Celia Birtwell-Designer, Celia Paul-Artist, Cerith Wyn Evans-Artist, Charlotte Cory-Artist, Charlotte Hodes-Artist, Charlotte Verity-Artist, Chris Riddell-Cartoonist, Chris Wilkinson-Architect, Christina Niedeberger-Artist, Christophe Egret-Architect, Christopher Bailey-Designer, Christopher J Hobbs-Designer, Christopher Le Brun-Artist, Corinne Noble-Artist, Craig Hamilton-Architect, Damien Hirst-Artist © Damien Hirst. All rights reserved, DACS 2010, Dan Cruickshank-Historian and Marenka Gabelen Dan Pearson-Landscape Designer, Daniel Libeskind-Architect, David Barbarino-Artist, David Downton-Illustrator, David Gentleman-Artist,
Dave Brown-Cartoonist, David Harrison-Artist, David Kohn-Architect,Derry Moore-Photographer, Don Campbell-Artist, Doug Patterson-Artist, Eva Jiricna-Architect, Flo Bayley-Designer, Francis Terry-Architect, George Carter-Designer, George Saumarez Smith-Architect, Georgina Barclay-Artist, Graham Rust-Artist, Grayson Perry-Artist, Greg Rook-Artist, Henry Hudson-Artist, Hugh Buchanan-Artist, Ian Hislop-Writer and Broadcaster, Ignacio Valdes-Artist, Ingram Pinn- Cartoonist, Iraida Icaza-Artist, Isaac Julien-Artist, Ivan Chermayeff-Designer, James Willis-Artist, Jamie Fobert-Architect, Jane Bush-Artist, Jane Wildgoose-Artist, Janey Sharratt-Artist, Jinny Blom-Landscape Designer, Joel Barkley-Architect, John Bridges-Designer, John Gunter-Designer, John Maddison-Artist, John Outram-Architect, John Soane-Architect, Jonathon Coleman-Sculptor, Julia Condon-Artist, Julian Barrow-Artist, Julian Harrap-Architect, Keith Milow-Artist, Langlands and Bell-Designers, Lewis Bush-Photographe,r Linda Aloysius-Artis,t Linda Karshan-Artis,t Louis Hellman-Cartoonist, Lucianne Lassalle-Sculptor, Lucy de Albuquerque-Artist, Luke Moloney-Architect ,Lutz Becker-Film-maker, Lyall Thow-Architect, Maggi Hambling-Artist, Manolo Blahnik-Designer, Marcos Lutyens-Artist, Margaret Morgan-Artist, Maria Chevska-Artist, Mark Adlington-Artist, Martin E Bates-Artist, Martin Gustavsson-Artist, Matthew Rice-Designer, Michael Craig-Martin-Artist, Michael Fleisher-Artist, Michael Graves-Architect, Michael Petry-Artist, Michael Wolfson-Designer, Miles Thistlethwaite-Artist, Monika Veriopoulos-Artist, Museum Clausum-Artist, Natasha Morland-Artist, Nathalie Hambro-Designer, Nick Fox-Artist, Nicky Haslam-Designer, Nicola Green-Artist, Nicole Heidaripour-Illustrator, Oliver Beer-Artist, Oriel Harwood-Sculptor, Paul Coldwell-Artist, Paul Ryan-Artist, Paul Smith-Designer, Peter Brookes-Cartoonist, Peter Rice-Artist, Peter Schrank-Cartoonist, Peter Sheppard-Designer, Philip Noble-Artist, Philippa Stockley-Artist, Piers Gough-Architect, Polly Hope-Artist, Quinlan Terry-Architect, Rachel Howard-Artist, Rebecca John-Artist, Renato Benedetti-Architect, Richard Dyer-Artist, Richard Sammons-Architect, Richard Rogers-Architect, Richard Shirley Smith-Artist, Richard Walker-Artist, Robert Adam-Architect, Robert Franklin-Architect, Robert Venturi-Architect, Roberto Ekholm-Artist, Robin Van Nutt-Artist, Robin Wyatt-Architect ,Ronald Searle-Artist, Roy Osborne-Artist, Rui Paes-Artist, Russell Taylor-Architect, Sarah Armstrong-Jones-Artist, Sarah Jane McClelland-Designer, Scott Clissold-Cartoonist, Simon Hurst-Architect, Stephen Calloway-Curator, Stephen Cox-Artist, Stuart Wrede-Architect, Sue Elsden-Artist, Sue Willmington-Designer, Susan Barnet-Artist, Tadao Ando-Architect, Teresa Albor-Artist, Terry Farrell-Architect, Terry Gilliam-Artist, Therese Oulton-Artist, Thomas Gordon Smith-Architect, Thomas Jayne-Architect, Thomas Kligerman-Architect, Tim Goodchild-Designer, Tim Gosling-Designer, Tim Hunkin-Artist, Tim Knox-Sir John Soane's Museum Director, Todd Longstaffe-Gowan Landscape Designer, Todd Williams-Architect, Tracy Emin-Artist, Tucker & Marks Inc.-Designers, Vesna Aksentijevic-Architect, Vivienne Westwood-Designer, Walter Chatham-Architect, Will Alsop-Architect, Willy Spiller-Photographer, Yolanda Sonnabend-Artist.