Key Stage 3 & 4

The Education Department is pleased to welcome secondary school groups to the Museum and regularly works with teachers to develop bespoke workshops. Due to the Museum's size, it is an ideal place to visit with small groups (such as SEN or G&T groups) and is a fascinating place for GCSE students to explore.
During any visit, pupils will see how Soane designed his house to show space, light and invention manipulated in the skillful hands of the architect. Pupils experience this 'Academy for Architecture' frozen in time, as Soane intended.

A visit to the Museum can focus on a range of themes and subjects:





To book a session for KS3 or 4 pupils, please contact Cynthia Adobea-Aidoo, telephone 020 7440 4247

Self-guided visits for older pupils (KS4+) can be arranged but students do tend to get more out of their visit if it is facilitated. All self-guided groups (of over 6 people) do have to book in advance. To book a self-guided visit, go to the Group Bookings page