Key Stage 2

The Museum offers a range of workshops and tours for pupils at KS2. The outreach workshops in schools and the tours in the Museum provide children with the opportunity to explore the ideas of architecture through the Science and History Curriculum.

In the Museum, pupils are able to see how Soane designed his house to show space, light and invention manipulated in the skilful hands of an architect. A visit to this quirky, atmospheric and fascinating Museum is an experience pupils never forget!

To book any of the below sessions, or to discuss your class's requirements, please contact the Schools and Families Education Officer.

Key Stage 2 Tours in the Museum

Please note we are now full for KS2 tours in the Museum during Spring Term. Bookings now being taken for Summer 2014.

A class of children looking at objects in the Museum

Tours available: Wednesdays (10.15 - 12.15 OR 12.45 - 2.45) and Thursday (10.15 - 12.15)


See how architects transform rocks and soils into beautiful and long-lasting buildings. Discover the 'rock factory' that is planet Earth. Handle fossils hundreds of millions of years old, recognise characteristics of common materials.
Links with Science and History.
Duration 2 hours.


Take a virtual tour of Ancient Rome, discovering it's most famous buildings, beautiful villas and everyday ways of life and death. Then explore their fascination with domes. Trace the history of their construction with our fanstastic handling models.
Links with Science and History.
Duration 2 hours.


Can buildings speak? Develop your visual literacy the Soane way and discover shapes and patterns which have been used in buildings for thousands of years. What are they telling us about materials and forces?
Links with Numeracy, Science and History.
Duration 2 hours.


Soane used tricks of light in his house/Museum to impress visitors with drama, warmth, beauty - and mystery. How many can you spot and can you see how they work? This tour shows how Soane used the 'Light Magic' principles to make exciting buildings.
Links with Science and History.
Duration 2 hours.


Examine a huge vase to discover the mythical origins of the Olympic Games. See which gods decided the fate and fortunes of Ancient Greeks. Discover the building shapes and patterns which are still considered to be among the most beautiful.
Links with Science, Numeracy and History.
Duration 2 hours.

Key Stage 2 Workshops in SchoolsClass of children bridge building

Workshops available: Mondays and Fridays

BEFORE OR AFTER A VISIT (also suitable for schools not visiting the Museum)


Investigate our Discovery Boxes to find out how Soane and other architects use the principles of Light to create curious, entertaining, beautiful and dramatic effects in buildings.
Links with Science and History.
Duration 90 minutes.


Find out how engineers use gravity, friction, push and pull forces to make bridges stand up. Meet the challenge of spanning a raging torrent in five different ways. Discover examples of the oldest, longest and most famous bridges in the world and the stories behind them.
Links with Science and History.
Duration 90 minutes.


We are now offering art workshops that follow on from a visit to the Museum.

WONDERFUL WATERCOLOURS (Light & Shadow follow up session)

Our artist shows tricks of tone.
Duration 1-1.5 hours

GEOMETRIC GENIUS (Shape & Pattern follow up session)

Measured drawing for beginners. Put your Maths into action.
Duration 1-1.5 hours

POT PINCHING (Ancient Greek follow up session)

Make your own Greek-inspired pot, using clay and a bit of imagination.
Duration 1-1.5 hours

MASTERING MOSAICS (Ancient Roman follow up session)

Produce your own mini-mosaics, when in Rome or in school!
Duration 1-1.5 hours

Contact the Schools and Families Education Officer to book any of these visits and workshops.