Family Drop-in Workshops

Sculpted Summer!




This Summer at the Soane we're immersing ourselves in sculpture. We'll be drawing, looking, crafting and creating at our FREE Summer family drop-ins.


Masks of the Gods

Tuesday 21 July

Make a Greek or Roman god/goddess mask out of paper, card, felt, fabric or whatever takes your fancy. Why not Become a victorious Victoria, an all knowing Zeus or a deathly Pluto. 


Sculpture Victorious

Tuesday 11 August

Use ingenious dry paper mache techniques to create your own mini sculpture inspired by classic poses from the antique.


Perfect Perspectives

Tuesday 25 August

Learn how to create a perspective drawing before making a striking 3D room centred on your own hand sculputed clay object.


Familes are welcome any time between 2.30 - 4.30pm; the listed activities are most suitable for chidlren aged 6-12.

No booking necessary. All materials provided.