Adult Art Workshops

Spring 2015 season

Our adult art workshop programme continue to offer a variety of inspiring and creative courses, including lino cutting, topographical drawing and charcoal. The workshops have become known for their excellent teaching and small class sizes, allowing for more focused instruction.

Come and enjoy this unique museum and collection with the eyes of an artist!


April 2015

Sketching the High Tech City

Friday 24 April | £40 |

Benedict O’Looney

This sketching workshop celebrates the High Tech Architecture in the City of London including the recently Grade l listed Lloyds building. We will look at the dramatic new townscape emerging at the cluster of tall buildings around Leadenhall Street.

This workshop will feature techniques to draw materials and details. Our exploration of new city architecture will conclude with a panoramic study of the changing skyline from Jean Nouvel's One New Change.

Large sketchbooks, pens, coloured pencils and a water colour brush will all be put to use as we tackle large and small-scaled compositions.
A small set square will be handy too.

The workshop leader, Benedict O'Looney,is an architect and experienced townscape sketcher. He formerly worked for the High Tech architects Grimshaw who have recently completed the St Botolph Building at Aldgate.

Please note that this workshop has an increased capacity of 15 participants. As such, the price for this particular workshop is £40.

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Architectural Paper Cutting

Thursday 30 April | £55 |

Jessica Palmer

This day-long study of architectural features and processes will begin the day with the Curator of Drawings, learning about how Soane worked, trained his apprentices and displayed his ideas. We will then build a series of 3-dimensional architecturally-inspired objects to represent aspects of buildings.

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