Adult Art Workshops

Spring 2015 season

Our adult art workshop programme continue to offer a variety of inspiring and creative courses, including lino cutting, topographical drawing and charcoal. The workshops have become known for their excellent teaching and small class sizes, allowing for more focused instruction.

Come and enjoy this unique museum and collection with the eyes of an artist!


January 2015

Winter School: Soane, Turner and Architecture

Monday 12 January 2015 | £260 |

James Willis

Building on the success of previous Summer Schools, this Winter School will be a week of intensive, creative study in which participants will develop their skills, knowledge and confidence. The week will explore the creative processes of both Soane and Turner and the main focus will be on the art of capturing a sense of space and light in architecture through transparent media. Based at the Soane Museum, participants will also visit Tate Britain to see the Late Turner exhibition. The week also includes a special trip to Sandycombe Lodge, Turner’s house in Twickenham.

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I am my House: Architecture as Portraiture

Thursday 22 January | £55 |

Marianne Holm Hansen

Taking Soane's house as a starting-point, this workshop will explore how buildings may be considered as a portrait of the architects who designed them. You will investigate how design, form and materials may speak of character, preferences and desires before experimenting with architectural drawing styles and techniques to design a building that speaks about who you are.

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Drawing and Watercolours at Soane’s Churches: St John’s Church, Bethnal Green

Friday 30 January | £55 |

Lucy Brennan

Spend a day drawing at St John’s Church on Bethnal Green. Working in different parts of the church and crypt, drawing will focus on recording architectural spaces, with some more experimental exercises capturing interior mood and light.

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February 2015

Drawing and Watercolours at Soane’s Churches: St Peter’s Church, Walworth

Friday 6 February | £55 |

Lucy Brennan

This visit to Soane’s first church, St Peter’s Walworth, will focus on making architectural studies and recording human presence.

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Westminster Hall

Friday 13 February | £55 |

Benedict O’Looney

This day starts with a session in the Museum’s Research Library looking at the works relating to Westminster in Soane’s collection. The group will then move on to spend the rest of the day drawing in Westminster Hall.

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Building a Dialogue: Architectural Agendas

Friday 27 February | £55 |

Marianne Holm Hansen

Inspired by the current exhibition, this workshop will explore how buildings can be used as propaganda to further both the status and beliefs of architects and clients. We will investigate to what extent Sir John Soane's house and his Royal Academy Lectures promoted a particular agenda before collaborating to develop and create our own ideological designs for an imagined re-generation of Lincoln's Inn Fields. This workshop includes a visit to the Research Library.

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March 2015

The Bank of England in Perspective

Friday 6 March | £55 |

Lucy Brennan

A drawing day at the Bank of England.

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Sketchbook Day at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Thursday 12 March | £55 |

Lucy Brennan

Fill a sketchbook at Britain’s first public picture gallery. Described as the most beautiful picture gallery in the world, we will make drawing studies of Soane’s unique and extraordinary response to this very unusual architectural commission, a theme specific to the current exhibition at the Soane Museum.

Drawing a Dialogue

Friday 13 March | £55 |

Marianne Holm Hansen

Suitable for anyone who wishes to engage closely with architecture through drawing, this experimental workshop will consider how architectural ideas may be developed and communicated through drawing. Experimenting with different drawing techniques and media we will explore drawing both as a visual language and as a tool for looking, recording and exchanging ideas.

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Imagined Spaces: Inspired by Gandy

Thursday 19 March | £55 |

Jason Bowyer

Using watercolours, ink and dry drawing materials, and inspired by the work of Gandy, you will create interior images of imagined and existing buildings.

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Speed Drawing in the Museum

Thursday 26 March | £55 |

Lucy Brennan

This workshop will employ timed drawing exercises to improve your on-site recording skills using the Museum’s interior, exterior and the studio to build mark-making and recording techniques.

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April 2015

Leadenhall: High Tech Architecture and the City

Friday 24 April | £55 |

Benedict O’Looney

Spend a day drawing at the spectacular Leadenhall Building in the heart of the city. Under the expert tutulege of Benedict O'Looney, architect and draughsman, learn all about high-tech architecture before focusing on some of the key constructs encapsulated by the term. Then, turn your attention to the striking Lloyds Building nearby for further inspiration.

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Architectural Paper Cutting

Thursday 30 April | £55 |

Jessica Palmer

This day-long study of architectural features and processes will begin the day with the Curator of Drawings, learning about how Soane worked, trained his apprentices and displayed his ideas. We will then build a series of 3-dimensional architecturally-inspired objects to represent aspects of buildings.

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