Adult Art Workshops

Autumn 2014 season

Our adult art workshop programme continue to offer a variety of inspiring and creative courses, including lino cutting, topographical drawing and charcoal. The workshops have become known for their excellent teaching and small class sizes, allowing for more focused instruction.

Come and enjoy this unique museum and collection with the eyes of an artist!


October 2014

Hogarth’s Characters in Oils

Friday 24 October | £55 |

Lucy Brennan

It is 250 years since Hogarth died and yet his faces and characters live on. See Hogarth’s work in the Museum’s current exhibition and the permanent collection then spend the day in the studio working from Hogarth’s characters in oils.

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November 2014

Lino Cut from the Museum

Thusday 6 November | £55 |

Lucy Brennan

Create a high contrast lino cut image of the Soane Museum inspired by the prints in the current Face to Face exhibition.

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Hogarth 3D Character Studies

Friday 7 November | £55 |

Jessica Palmer

Using a dry papier mâché technique and building onto a wire frame, we will make 3-dimensional figures based on characters from A Rake’s Progress. These 3D studies will be based on close scrutiny of the paintings, the individuals within them, their movement and mood.  

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Architecture Workshop: Exploring Architecture through Portraits – after Piranesi

Thursday 13 November | £55 |

Lucy Brennan

Create a drawing after Piranesi in pen, ink and red chalk using the characters and imaginary portraits in Hogarth and Howson as a starting point. A practical drawing workshop exploring Piranesi, portraiture & architectural fantasy. The day includes a visit to the Museum’s current exhibition and time in the Research Library to see Piranesi’s drawings

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Charcoal Interior with Light

Thursday 20 November | £55 |

Lucy Brennan

Inspired by the mark-making of Kossoff, Rego and Howson in the current portrait exhibition, create a high contrast drawing to reflect Soane’s use of light in his interior spaces. Includes a drawing visit to the exhibition and Museum. (Please note earlier start)

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Architecture Workshop: Building Sites and Architectural Details

Friday 21 November | £55 |

Benedict O’Looney

Soane encouraged his assistants to draw on building sites to improve their knowledge of the building process. A rare opportunity to draw on a building site, this course will give participants the chance to hone their skills in drawing architectural details by spending the day in the Old Waiting Room at Peckham Rye station, a conservation project currently being undertaken by Benedict O’Looney Architects.

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Architecture Workshop: Architectural Viewpoints

Friday 28 November | £55 |

Marianne Holm Hansen

Use drawing to explore Soane’s architectural ideas and vision and learn how to render your own using one- or two-point perspective.

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December 2014

Architecture Workshop: Modelling Architectural Fragments

Thursday 4 December | £55 |

Jessica Palmer

In this workshop, we use dry papier mâché techniques to model architectural fragments which we have observed and sketched from the Museum’s collection. Pliant paper is first molded into shape then embossed and layered with other paper to develop an understanding of the detail of the fragment.

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