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New Adult Art Workshop Programme, October - December 2014

Our new programme of art workshops is now available to book online. In addition to workshops with a strong architecture theme, we have workshops that link to our upcoming exhibition, Face-to-Face. Another focus for this programme is William Hogarth, as it is 250 years after his death in October.

Click here for more information.

Night at the Museum 3

To celebrate the release of Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb twelve museums from London’s Museum Mile have come together for a fun filled week of half term activities centred on all things Egyptian!

Here at the Museum we’re bringing our very own sarcophagus of King Seti I to life. Come and learn all about the secret language of hieroglyphics, decode secret messages and even carve your own top-secret message into a piece of soapstone. Click here to find out more.