Soane’s collection of clocks and timepieces is of great interest to horologists.

The most important items are as follows: 

Calendar watch by Langley Bradley, presented to Sir Christopher Wren by Queen Anne c.1690s-early 1700s. 

Astronomical clock by Raingo of Paris, one of five made for the Prince Regent and his brothers. Bought by Soane after the death of the Duke of York (1827). 

Eight-day marine chronometer, designed by Thomas Mudge, late 18th century. No. 10 of 15 chronometers made to Mudge’s design by his son. Made for the Duke of Marlborough and recently described as ‘the finest Mudge copy in existence’. 

Clocks by Benjamin Lewis Vulliamy and Thwaites and Reed, in cases designed by Soane - the only examples in existence. 

Long-case clock by Threlkeld with marquetry case c.1690

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