Summary of holdings

A summary list of the holdings is as follows:

Egyptian and Graeco-Egyptian antiquities: 38

Greek and Roman marbles including architectural and decorative fragments (candelabra, furniture, ornaments etc.), major frieze and relief fragments, Greek votive and funeral reliefs, sarcophagus fragments, cinerary urns, funerary vases and statuary (including fragments, figures, heads and busts): 413

Greek and Roman bronzes: 31

Greek and Roman terracottas, mosaics and miscellaneous: 47

Greek and Roman vases: 59

Gems (Egyptian scarabs; Greek & Roman provincial, Hellenistic, Etruscan, Roman, Early Christian, Medieval, Renaissance, Neo-Classical & miscellaneous gems): 323

Engraved seals: 202

Medieval objects (including architectural fragments, fragments of woodcarving, tiles, pottery, glass & miscellaneous items): 70

Italian and Northern Renaissance bronzes (figures & plaques): 24

Works by named English Sculptors: 

John Flaxman: 55

Other sculptors: 38

Sculpture based on antique or renaissance models (mostly in plaster): 24

Miscellaneous sculpture: 

Stone, marble, alabaster, terracotta & Coade Stone: 39

Plaster (including stucco manufacturer’s specimens): 58

Wax: 6 Architectural fragments: Stone & marble: 44

Other materials: 32

Medals (Napoleonic, Soane & others): 166

Ceramics: 39 (this does not include Soane’s domestic china)

Arms: 5

Jewellery: 2

Clocks, barometers & timepieces: 11

Natural objects, curiosities (i.e. fossils, mummified cats &c.): 30

Plaster casts (from antique and renaissance buildings or works of art): 442

Oriental or South American objects: Oriental: 57

Peruvian Pottery: 12

Stained glass: 104 subject panels

Paintings and drawings (excluding architectural drawings):

Oil paintings 16th-19th centuries: 68

Watercolour, chalk, pencil etc.: 266

Miniatures: 4 Oriental (Volume of Indian miniatures: 17th & 18th century): 37

Architectural models:

Models of antique buildings (plaster & cork): 34

Soane models:  Bank of England: 44

Other buildings: 84

Miscellaneous models (including full-size models of ornaments other than casts): 100

Architectural drawings and prints: 

Bound Volumes of Italian drawings: 1430

Bound volumes of English drawings: 831

Bound volumes of drawings by Adam, Brettingham, Playfair, Rysbrack, Sandby, Reveley, Repton & others: 1,635

Soane drawings (37 Volumes): 2,523

Miscellaneous engravings in volumes: 168

Volumes of drawings from the Office of Robert and James Adam: 8,856

Drawings by Sir William Chambers: 789

Drawings by George Dance: 1,303

Sir John Soane’s drawings (framed and loose sheets - including lecture diagrams): 8,044

Drawings by James Playfair: 286 Miscellaneous architectural drawings and prints: 931

Pennant’s London, extra illustrated copy: 1,531

The Library (including Soane’s wide-ranging collection of early 19th century publications, illuminated and other manuscripts and early printed books): 7,783

Furniture (approximately 325 items) 

Soane’s archive of personal and business papers.

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