Oriental objects

300 Chinese tiles described by Anthony Ray in the 1950s as ‘the most notable collection of Chinese tiles in Europe’. Recent research has shown that there are in fact only 5 such known in the world apart from those at the Soane and Professor Jörg of the Groninger Museum (Netherlands) a leading authority on Chinese tiles, described them in 1998 as ‘the largest collection of Chinese tiles anywhere’. 

A very good quality Nankin Chinese porcelain export dinner service with between 200 & 300 surviving pieces. 

A Chinese printed scroll dated 1721 described in February 1999 by Frances Wood of the Chinese section at the British Library as ‘a piece of Chinese pseudoscience… about divination. ....such things are very rare indeed as they would not often have been kept in China or accorded space in a respectable Confucian library’.

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