17th and 18th-century sculpture

Important pieces include: 

Giovanni Guelfi (fl.1714-34), terracotta model for James Craggs tomb, Westminster Abbey. The first statue in 18th century England to derive its pose directly from Classical Roman sources. 

Arnold Quellin (1609-88), terracotta statuette of Charles II, model for marble statue on the Royal Exchange, City of London, 1684. 

Michael Rysbrack (1694-1770), terracotta figure of Van Dyck & terracotta model for relief of the surrender of Marshall Tallard to the Duke of Marlborough after the Battle of Blenheim in the Chapel at Blenheim Palace. 

L.F. Roubiliac (1702-62): medallion portrait of Handel. 

John Bacon the elder (1740-99): terracotta model for the tomb of Daniel Seton, Bombay.

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