Understanding Architectural Drawings

Uses of the Drawings

This section discusses what the drawings were for. We show a survey drawing of an existing building, one of Soane’s own sketch designs and the working drawing sent to the builder in the form of a ‘letter’ for the same building – the Tyringham Gateway 

There is also a full-sized drawing of a detail in Soane’s greatest building – the Bank of England.

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Full-Size Detail Drawing: Bank of England

Full-Size Detail Drawing: Bank of England, Consols Transfer Office Soffit Ornament

Vol. 74/89

This is the sort of drawing made to the full size of the finished building. Even though it is very big (66.7cm x 52cm) it can only show a detail of part of the building but it gives a good impression of how big some details are and the kind of drawing needed to make them. A soffit is a kind of ceiling over a window opening or arch. This drawing was made in 1799.

Although most of Soane’s buildings at the Bank of England were demolished in the early part of the last century, one of his halls – the Bank Stock Office, has been reconstructed and is now part of the Bank of England Museum, which you can visit, click on the button above for details.