Understanding Architectural Drawings

Uses of the Drawings

This section discusses what the drawings were for. We show a survey drawing of an existing building, one of Soane’s own sketch designs and the working drawing sent to the builder in the form of a ‘letter’ for the same building – the Tyringham Gateway 

There is also a full-sized drawing of a detail in Soane’s greatest building – the Bank of England.

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Original Sketch Design: Tyringham Gateway

Original Sketch Design: Tyringham Gateway

Vol. 42/164

Soane would draw the basic design quickly and simply but with all the essential forms and proportions correctly shown. See how he knows exactly what he wants to convey to the draughtsman who will carefully re-draw it (This is for a gateway for a house in Buckinghamshire called Tyringham, drawn in 1794).

You can see the working drawing made from this sketch in: Working Drawing: Tyringham Gateway and you can see the elevation of the house in drawing Tyringham Entrance Front.