Understanding Architectural Drawings

Learning from Drawing

In this section we see how Soane’s pupils and assistants learnt from drawing. We see a young architect measuring one of the great Roman temples and we see how, in England, the art of perspective developed in the sixteenth century and the kind of books from which one could learn about architectural design and perspective. Lastly we see one of Soane’s pupils drawing on site to record and learn about the process of construction.

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‘IT House’ from the Thorpe Album

‘IT House’ from the Thorpe Album

Vol. 101/50

Here is the other drawing from the same book, drawn at about the same time but this draughtsman, probably John Thorpe, had a much better idea of perspective. He has designed a house with the shape of his initials ‘IT’ as the plan (the letter ‘J’ is written as an ‘I’ copying the style of the Romans who had no letter ‘J’). The plan is on a separate sheet of paper which you can see here underneath the perspective. He was influenced by Androuet Du Cerceau’s book and was involved in a scheme to publish an edition in English. See how the horizontal lines seem to meet at the same point behind the house.

You can see the other drawing from this book in drawing Bird’s-Eye View of Longford Castle from the Thorpe Volume