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Drawings for Clients, Exhibitions & Lectures

Here we see the sort of highly-finished drawings Soane would have had made to show a client how the building he designed for them would look.

We also see the drawings which were made for exhibitions which were an essential way to show his skills as an architect and we see the sort of drawings he had made to illustrate the lectures he gave at The Royal Academy as Professor of Architecture. This section contains an extract from one of his lectures which is illustrated by the drawing of domes.

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Tyringham Entrance Front

Tyringham Entrance Front


This was the kind of drawing made to impress the client and explain how the building would look. These were very carefully done for a client who might not easily understand more technical drawings. This drawing was made in 1793. Soane has placed a pure elevation in a naturalistic landscape, rather than make a full perspective. Note that Soane has used a modern-looking kind of lettering called sans serif; more traditional letters have little lines or ticks called serifs at the ends or each stroke of the letter like the letters the Romans used. Sans is the French for ‘without’ and means the letters have no serifs.

You can see two drawings for the gateway at Tyringham in drawing Original Sketch Design: Tyringham Gateway and drawing Working Drawing: Tyringham Gateway.