Understanding Georgian & Regency London Houses

Town Planning, Leasing & Layout

Here we see how Georgian and Regency London houses were planned and how the ground and the houses built on it were leased. We look at the kinds or ‘Rates’ of houses which were built and a plan for a development in Alfred Place. We see a typical streetscape of the period in Blackfriars Bridge Road and a design for the elevations for The Royal Terrace, Adelphi, a particularly grand and important development in London.

We also see a view of Fitzroy Square which was designed by Adam to look like a series of grand palaces rather than a simple row of identical terraced houses.

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Fitzroy Square

Fitzroy Square


This drawing shows the east side of Fitzroy Square, another design by Adam’s office. The drawing was made in Soane’s office and used by Soane in the lectures he gave as Professor of Architecture at the Royal Academy. Soane admired the way Adam had designed the elevation, not as a row of identical houses, like so many Georgian terraces, but to look like one grand palatial building, designed with what was called ‘movement’. This means the elevation projects in places and has different architectural features and rhythm which give it interest and variety.

However, Adam only designed the elevations, the houses behind were developed by different speculators who might use another architect to complete the house or use a good builder who, in the eighteenth century, was quite capable of designing and building a house interior.