Understanding Georgian & Regency London Houses

Town Planning, Leasing & Layout

Here we see how Georgian and Regency London houses were planned and how the ground and the houses built on it were leased. We look at the kinds or ‘Rates’ of houses which were built and a plan for a development in Alfred Place. We see a typical streetscape of the period in Blackfriars Bridge Road and a design for the elevations for The Royal Terrace, Adelphi, a particularly grand and important development in London.

We also see a view of Fitzroy Square which was designed by Adam to look like a series of grand palaces rather than a simple row of identical terraced houses.

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Blackfriars Bridge Road

Blackfriars Bridge Road

Vol. 149/85

Here is a view of a typical street scene in Regency London. Note that most of the houses are brick, although the building on the corner is covered with a hard plaster called stucco and painted to look like expensive stone. Its design is like that of the houses beyond but is actually offices for the Albion Insurance Company.

The buildings are proportioned in the standard Georgian way. See also drawing David Garrick’s House, Adelphi: Elevation for the way elevations were proportioned.