Understanding Georgian & Regency London Houses

Living in the House

Here we see how Georgian and Regency house was lived in. The South Drawing Room at 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields is shown, with its striking yellow walls and furnishings. We also see the Breakfast Room at number 12, Soane’s first house in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. This was decorated with a pattern of trellis and honeysuckle on the vaulted ceiling.

Soane’s bedroom and bathroom in number 13 show the intimate aspect of his life and we see how water was brought into the house. Dining is shown in an elegant, Soane-designed dining room and we see a Georgian kitchen designed by a contemporary of Soane’s - James Playfair.

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Gentlemen Dining

Gentlemen Dining

Vol. 60/65

Here is a group of gentlemen dining in an unidentified Soane house. The usual time to have dinner was 4.30 or 5.00 pm; ideally before it got too dark as the oil burnt in the lamps could be smelly. All the dishes for each course were laid on the table at once and either the host would help people to their food or they helped themselves.

The modern style of dining, where each person is served individually, or ‘Dinner à la Russe (Russian style), was just beginning to become fashionable in the Regency period. These men have had their main course and the tablecloth has been removed for the desert. This was often done; the table was usually made of polished mahogany which would have looked very beautiful laid with dishes, glasses and silver.