Understanding Georgian & Regency London Houses

Design of the House

Here we see how the house and its details were designed in Georgian and Regency London.

We will look at the house of a famous actor, David Garrick, built in the Adelphi, one of the most fashionable developments in London.

We see a design for a chimneypiece by William Chambers, an architect of the generation before Soane; and another design by Adam, for an ornamental wall at the rear of a yard in a grand London house. 

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David Garrick’s House, Adelphi: Plans

David Garrick’s House, Adelphi: Plans

Adam Vol. 42/62; Adam Vol.42/65 

These are two of the floor plans from David Garrick’s house. The ground floor, on the left, contained the passage from the door to the rest of the house, with the dressing room at the front lit by the two windows to the right of the door, the staircase and at the back of the house, the eating room. In the eighteenth century they were called ‘eating’ rather than ‘dining’ rooms.(see drawing Gentlemen Dining)

On the first floor or piano nobile, the drawing room, the grandest in the house, was at the front overlooking the Thames and was the full width of the house. Behind this were the staircase and a short passage which led to the bed chamber behind. It may seem odd to us but bed rooms was more public than they are in modern houses and visitors would view the grand bed and furnishings in them.